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Vape Key Words for Your Vape Website

Vape Key Words for Your Vape Website

We all know that in order to rank a vape website, you must use key words that are most relevant to your vape business. For example, if you are an online vape shop in California, your most important key word should be "XYZ Online Vape Shop in California".

However, aside from the no-brainer key words, how exactly do you find the related key words that you want your website to rank for? It is no good in making up these key words because you need to be using key words that people actually search for. For example, for the above example, you could use a related key word such as "Buy e-juice Online in California" or "Buy Coils Online California". There is plenty of room for new key words for your business.

What is the Benefit of Creating New Key Words?

By expanding your key words list, you are targeting a broader spectrum of vapers. Essentially, people who search for your key words will come to your website.

What we can offer you

Our advanced key word research tool has been built exclusively for us and specifically for the vape market. Once we input a root key word such as "online vape shop", we will get a list of key word suggestions that are most searched for by vapers. On the basis of that key word list, you can plan your key word strategy and decide on what key words you would like to target.

How many key words can I expect?

We will send you around 20 most searched key words for your niche that we would recommend you use. We will also send you a list of related key words. 

What can I use the key words for?

You can use the vape key words for practically anything, a product, information page, blog posts, etc.

Why you should be using long-tail key words

Instead of using a key word such as "online vape shop", you ought to be using more specific key words such as "online vape shop in Orange County, California". This way, it will be easier for you to rank for those key words. Let's face it, ranking for "online vape shop" is extremely difficult because we do not know where the online vape shop is located- is it Texas, California, UK, Germany?

What do I need to send you?

Please send us 10 key words that you would like to rank for as well as your geographical location.

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