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Global E-Mail List of All Vape Companies in the World

Why E-Mail Marketing Is Crucial for Your Vape Business?

Having operated in the vape industry for over 8 years, we can confidently say that e-mail marketing gets the results. E-mail marketing such as plain introductory e-mails and newsletters help your vape business to get your message across to thousands of vape shops, e-liquid wholesalers and other types of vape businesses. However, in order to make an impact with your newsletter campaign, you have to have quality, verified and cleaned mailing list of vape businesses.

B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands And Vape Wholesalers

A Definitive and Most Comprehensive E-mail List of All Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, E-Liquid Wholesalers, Vape Distributors, Vape Event Organisers, Online Vape Shops, Brick-and-Mortar Vape Shops, Vape Magazines and Vape Communities is Finally Here!

Following multiple requests from our clients, our e-mail marketing team has worked hard over the past three months to bring you an e-mail list of ALL vape businesses around the world. We have combined all e-mail addresses from our vape shop databases, contacts, business cards from over 50 vape exhibitions, public domain, subscriber lists and other sources. Our entire mailing list has been scrubbed to weed out vape businesses that have gone out of business or changed their domain names to bring you a clean and verified mailing list of vape businesses around the world. Upon payment, the Vape Company E-Mail Mailing List is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD in a notepad .txt format that you can simply upload to your subscriber list. Then all you have to do is create a beautiful newsletter campaign and hit the send button. Our Vape Company E-Mail Mailing List has over 89,000 email addresses of brick-and-mortar vape shops, e-liquid wholesalers and distributors, online vape shops, e-liquid brands, vape event organisers, vape communities, vape magazines, vape reviewers and much more! Our team is constantly verifying and updating the Vape Company email list to bring you only the latest vape company leads.

Global Vape And CBD Industry B2B Email List of Vape and CBD Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

As part of our recent core update, we have made a decision to provide more data on each email because a lot of our customers are keen on geo-targeting their campaigns as opposed to just sending out all the emails in the dark. To address this, we have added GEO LOCATION data and WHOIS Data for every single Vape and CBD Company Email. Let's take a closer look.

NEW! WHOIS Data for Every Single Vape and CBD Company Email

We have taken the domain name of every company email and extracted its WHOIS data. In very simple terms, WHOIS data contains the contact details of the person who has registered the vape or CBD company website (domain name registrant). WHOIS data contains the registration and expiration date of the website, registrant's name, email and telephone number. In other words, these are the contact details of the person who has purchased the domain name and is most likely to be the owner of the website and the business. Do note that some vape and CBD shop owners protect their data from public access.

NEW! WHOIS Data for Every Single Vape and CBD Company Email

NEW! GEO LOCATION Data of Website IP Host

We have extracted the IP address of the host of every single vape and CBD site. Next to each email address, you can now see a website's IP address, country, region, city as well as the latitude and longitude. This additional data can help you to sort your emails by country, city or region. You can then run custom B2B mass email campaigns for each country/geographic region.

NEW! GEO LOCATION Data of Website IP Host

NEW! TLDs for every website and email

We have also added the TLD (website extension) for every website and email just in case you want to group your vape shop and CBD store emails by TLDs. Sometimes, the TLDs tend to be a good indication of the location of a website. For example, .ca,, are almost always domains that belong to one country. On the other hand, .org, .com, .net domains are global and it is more difficult to group the data by location.


Screenshots of the Global CBD and Vape Company Email List

Screenshot 1

Global CBD and Vape Company Email List

Screenshot 2

Global CBD and Vape Company Email List

Screenshot 3

Global CBD and Vape Company Email List

Why Choose Our Vape Company Email List?

  • Most complete and extensive email list of vape companies on the market
  • Verified E-Mail Addresses
  • E-mail addresses of all vape businesses around the world
  • Updated
  • CHEAP - other B2B Mailing List companies will charge you in excess of £5,000 for this list (we got a quote from a few companies)
  • Trusted - over 1,000 vape companies have already used and continue to use our vape company leads.

How Our Vape Company Email List Will Benefit Your Vape Business

  • Reach literally all vape businesses around the world with a click of a button. We have done all the heavy lifting for you. Just upload the vape company e-mail list to your subscriber list and send your newsletter or email.
  • Increase your profits by selling your products directly to approximately 38,000 vape businesses.

How To Use Our Email List of Vape Companies

Simply download our vape company mailing list, upload it to your subscriber list and start sending your newsletters. It is as simple as that.

How our B2B Marketing Email List Was Compiled

Our tech wizards scrape the entire web for vape and cbd company emails using our brand new proprietary search engine scraper and email extractor (we are the licensees of this software). The search engine scraper is running 24/7 on our mega powerful dedicated servers with thousands of private proxies (yes, these are the top quality proxies). We are presently scraping the following sources for emails:

  • Top search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo! and others)
  • Business directories
  • Google Maps

Since our CBD and vape company email list has become a huge hit, our team is attending almost every single vape and cbd exhibition in the world where they meet business owners. Subsequently, all the emails from these expos are incorporated into our cbd and vape company email list.

To guarantee the effectiveness of our email list, we are constantly updating and cleaning it.

What you will receive with your purchase

  • A download link to the latest cbd and vape company email list
  • Free lifetime updates (a link with the latest download link will be sent to your purchase email)
  • Regular updates


Read our compliance statement to learn why our B2B vape company e-mail list is compliant with GDPR, PECR and other data protection and privacy laws. You can find our terms and conditions here.

Update Log - What's New

May 2020 - Covid-19 CORONAVIRUS update to the Vape and CBD Industry B2B Email Marketing List

We have made a major update to the entire vape and CBD company B2B email list during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Coronavirus, we have been monitoring vape and cbd companies all over the world and have noticed that a lot of CBD and vape shops have closed down. It seems that brick-and-mortar cbd and vape shops were hit the hardest and were forced to close down during this lockdown. We have removed all emails of the CBD and vape shops that have closed down. On the contrary, we have observed that there has been a sizeable number of new online CBD and vape store start ups all across the world: possibly due to the fact that people who would normally be at work have more free time. During our website scraping and data extraction process, we have harvested business contact details from virtually all websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google maps, Google, Bing, top 10 search engines, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Trust Pilot, specialised vape shop and cbd store directories, vape exhibitions and trade shows, CBD exhibitions and trade show contacts and many other place. We have verified our entire email list using our state-of-the-art email verifier: we removed all emails with expired domains, closed inboxes and fake non-working emails/spam traps. We have tested our email list using our SMTP server. We have noticed a less than 0.1% bounce rate and a high inbox rate: clean emails help to improve the delivery rate. This B2B Data List of Vape Shops and CBD Stores is ideal for mass email blasts. If you are looking for a quality mass email sending software, we recommend Mailer King.

As well as updating the core vape and CBD company B2B marketing email list, we have also added WHOIS data and GEO LOCATION data for each email. In very simple terms, the WHOIS data contains the contact information of a domain registrant whilst the GEO LOCATION data contains the location of a website's hosting IP address. Both sets of additional data can assist you in geo-targeting your campaigns.

December 2019 (version 4.1.1 released)

The entire vape company email list has been cleaned using a three step procedure. We have removed about 100 inactive CBD and vape company emails and added about 1,000 new vape shops. The focus of this update was on cleaning the data. The total email count is presently over 60,000.

October 2019 (version 4.1.0 released)

We have updated the entire vape and cbd company email list by adding all the new vape shops, wholesalers, manufacturers and removing non-working emails. A big part of this update was the addition of 15,000 CBD company emails since CBD has grown immensely and can be seen in many vape shops. Following our customer suggestions, we have also filtered the entire CBD and Vape company email list according to top-level domains (TLDs). This means that you can now access individual folders for different domains such as .com, .fr,,, etc. This to a certain extent will allow you to target vape and CBD companies according to countries and different regions. You will still receive a master file with all the vape and CBD company emails. The total email count is presently over 60,000.

September 2019 (Version 4.0.9 released)

We have added new vape and cbd shop email addresses to the list. The total number of vape and CBD business emails in the list is over 60,000 emails (an increase by 7,000 emails since the last update in July). We have performed a three-stage email cleaning procedure to remove all emails with 1) abandoned inboxes 2) non-resolving domains and 3) syntactical errors.

August - September 2019 (version 4.0.8 released)

We have cleaned the entire original vape and cbd company email list to remove about 1,500 invalid email accounts (we have performed a two-level email test by removing emails with non-resolving domains and email accounts that have been closed down). Additionally, we have added a lot of new vape and cbd shops to the list and the entire email count now stands at roughly 89,000 emails which incorporate virtually all the CBD and vape companies in the world.

July 2019 Update 2 (version 4.0.7 released + major update)

As part of our summer update, we have created a master database of ALL the vape and CBD companies in the world. In addition to the list of vape and cbd company emails, you will now receive a full database with over 30,000 vape and cbd stores contact details including: website, address, email, social media links, telephone numbers and more.

July 2019 (version 4.0.7 released)

The entire email list now has over 50,000 emails of vape and CBD companies all over the world. Due to the popularity of CBD products, we have added all CBD and hemp companies to the email list. We have removed all non-working emails and added emails of new businesses from all over the world.

26 April 2019 (version_4.0.6 released)

Version 4.0.6 is the major update to our vape company email list. As part of this update, we have added over 7,000 CBD and hemp company email addresses in the light of the growing popularity of hemp and CBD product shops. We have also added new online and brick-and-mortar vape shops from around the world. There is now a grand total of over 47,000 vape company emails in our B2B marketing list. We have also performed a three-level data cleansing to remove all abandoned email inboxes as well as non-resolving domains (expired domains and closed businesses). You should have received the latest update to your email with which you made the payment. Please ensure to check your spam folders.

21 February 2019 (version_4.0.1 released)

New vape shops and vape wholesaler emails were added. There are currently around 39,000 emails. The entire list was cleaned and roughly 200 abandoned mail boxes/domains were removed.

8 February 2019

The entire list was cleaned to remove all abandoned domains and inboxes. New vape shops and vape wholesalers were added.

14 January 2019

Version 3.1.0 was released. In total, there are now around 39,000 emails. As part of the update, we have added new vape shops and vape distro companies from all over the world. We have also performed a three-level data cleansing on the entire vape email list to remove all the emails with abandoned domains, syntax errors and closed inboxes.

24 December 2018

The entire list has been scrubbed by removing non-resolving (abandoned) domains and mail boxes. New vape suppliers and vape shops have been added.

7 December 2018

The entire vape company email list has been scrubbed from top to bottom using our 3 stage cleaning method. Defunct emails have been removed and some new ones have been added.

1 December 2018

The entire list has been cleaned and around 500 new vape company emails have been added.

20 November 2018

The entire email list has been cleaned using our three-level cleaning system to remove emails with non-working domains and defunct inboxes. New emails of online and brick-and-mortar vape shops have been added.

11 November 2018

We have cleaned the entire email list and there are roughly 40,000 email addresses.

4 November 2018

Added around 1,500 new e-mails addresses for new e-liquid brands, online and brick-and-mortar vape shops, e-liquid distributors and vape wholesalers, vape mod manufacturers, cbd stores. We have also cleaned the entire vape company e-mail list using our three level cleaning method: 1) syntax 2) domain level and 3) inbox verification. The current email count is at just over 40,000 e-mails.

28 October 2018

We have added around 1,000 new e-mails of online vape shops, e-liquid and vape wholesalers and brick-and-mortar vape shops. We have cleaned the email list using a three tier system: 1) we have checked to make sure the domains are active; 2) we have checked whether the email account is active and 3) checked all emails for syntax errors.

18 October 2018

The entire vape company e-mail list has been cleaned and 2,000 new vape companies have been added. The new addition collectively includes e-mails of new online vape shops, wholesalers, e-liquid brands and some cbd sites.

24 September 2018

1,000 new e-mails were added for vape shops in France.

September 2018

the entire list of vape company e-mails has been scrubbed from top to bottom. We have removed e-mails of vape companies that had gone out of business or changed their domain names. We have added new e-mails of vape shops, e-liquid brands, e-liquid distributors, vape wholesalers, CBD websites, online vape shops and much more!

May 2018

The entire vape company email list has been scrubbed and updated in the light of the GDPR regulations. For EU countries, all non-company specific emails have been removed (gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, etc.).

April 2018

Added 2,000 new vape e-mails to the list.

March 2018

Added 1,000 new vape shop e-mail addresses and removed 100 vape shops that had closed.

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