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Vape Backlinks for Your Website

Vape Backlinks for Your Website and Social Media Pages

Following a great demand from our customers, High DA 100% vape backlinks are finally here!

You should now have a copy of our global vape shop database, which we hope is helping you with your marketing campaigns. If you haven’t yet gotten a copy of your global vape shop database, you can buy it here.

A lot of vape companies have asked us what they need to do in order to start ranking their vape websites. Many vape companies have told us about their unsuccessful efforts of throwing money at backlinks from shady sellers from Fiverr! The SEO landscape has changed dramatically in 2017. Backlinks are still an extremely important ranking factor. However, they should be approached with a caveat: search engines such as Google will value only high DA and 100% niche-related backlinks. There are numerous ways in which you can build up your backlink portfolio some of which include contacting vape businesses directly for guest posting opportunities, listing yourself on costly vape directories or expensive vape magazine publications.

At The Eliquid Boutique, we have developed our own tried and tested method of creating quality and 100% vape related backlinks. Our complex algorithm (available only to us) allows us to create hundreds of quality blog posts with unique content and safe anchor text. These blog posts are treated in the same way as a popular vape blog. This means that you do not have to waste any more time and money.

How Do Vape Backlinks Work?

  1. Unique blog posts with a backlink to your website are created in hundreds of our vape-related blogs (each blog will be unique and have a backlink to your website);
  2. All created blog posts are shared on our large collection of social media networks such as G+, Facebook, Twiter, Tumblr, etc.
  3. All new blog posts are drip fed to indexers over a 15-day period for all activity to appear natural to the search engines;
  4. All URLs of new blog posts are sent to you (your blog posts will be permanent and will never be deleted)

How Many Blog Posts / Backlinks should I expect?

The numbers fluctuate but you will receive at least 100 hundred unique blog posts with backlinks. Some links will point to your website whilst other will point to your blog posts. This avoid over-optimisation and keeps things looking natural.

How Long it Will Take Until I receive my Vape Backlinks?

The whole process will take around a week. Once your campaigns have finished running, we will send you a document containing all the URLs of your blog posts.

What We Need from You:

  1. Your website address;
  2. Your key word;
  3. A link to an image or a video that you would like us to embed in each blog post.

Success Story:

We have already ranked what are some of the largest vape-related websites. However, due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to disclose these websites.

Example Backlinks:

Here is a sample of some backlinks / blog posts you will receive:

Example 1

Example 2

Please Note!

These blog posts are created for SEO purposes rather than human readership. And no, they are not spammy. In fact, they are of extremely high quality and come from our collection of high DA blog network. This is a tiered link building exercise, so not all blog posts will point directly to your website in order to keep things natural. You need to ensure that the page you are optimising contains the relevant key words. If your page is about XYZ ELIQUID then your key word should naturally be XYZ ELIQUID. Past results do not guarantee the same outcome. We do not accept any responsibility for the effects the backlinks will have on your website. Please order at your own discretion.

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Customer Reviews

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