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USA Vape Store Database

#1 USA Vape Store Database With Vape Shop Contact Information

USA Vape Store Database


Do you own an e-liquid or a vape brand? Do you want to sell directly to vape stores in the USA? Our vape store database will connect your vape brand with vape stores in the USA. With over 8,500 vape stores in the USA, you can make a real difference to your vape business. Stop going unnoticed and approach vape stores directly TODAY! Our USA vape shop database has been created using business cards from over 50 vape exhibitions, subscriber lists of multiple e-liquid wholesale companies that deal with thousands of vape shops, our subscriber list and public sources. All of our vape shop data has been collected manually over the course of 3 years. Our team is performing monthly updates on our USA vape shop database to remove the vape shops that have gone out of business as well as add new vape shops. 

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Key Features of the USA Vape Store Database

  • Vape Store Name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone Number;
  • Website Address;
  • E-Mail
  • Social Media Links

Why Our USA Vape Store Database is the Best

We do not use email crawlers or automated bots as these prove to be ineffective 99% of the time. Instead, our database has been collated and updated by our internal team over a long period of time. All of our vape store contact details are accurate and complete. We have constructed our vape store database from our contacts acquired during vape exhibitions as well as information in the public domain.

Why Over 500 Vape Brands have chosen our Database

  • Accurate
  • Organised
  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Cheap
  • A real time-saver
  • Updated every month
  • Created Manually using verified sources

How to use the USA Vape Store Database

  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Introductory Emails
  • Send Samples
  • Call up the Vape Shop

New Feature: Geo Location added to USA Vape Shop Database

Recently, we have added the geo location data for each domain. We have achieved this by resolving the IP address of each domain to the city, country and region. This data reflects where each respective vape shop is hosted. Usually, this is a good indicator of where the actual website is located because it is considered to be a good SEO practice to host the websites in the same country where the business is based. You can now sort all the USA vape shop data according to regions.


The Geo location data provides information of where each online vape shop is hosted. Whereas, the business address is the vape shop address that has been specified by the vape shop owners on the vape store's website, social media or business directories.

USA Vape Shop Database with Vape Shop Contact Details

New Feature: WHOIS Data added to USA Vape Shop Database

Recently, we have added WHOIS data for each online vape shop. The WHOIS data contains the email and telephone number of vape shop owners or webmasters. From our experience, usually vape shop owners register vape store domains in their name. Some of these contact details will be redacted where the vape shop owner has taken out a WHOIS privacy guard.


The Geo location data will tell you where the online vape shop is hosted whilst the WHOIS data will give you the contact details of the domain name owner.

USA Vape Shop Database with Vape Shop Contact Details

Marketing to USA Vape Stores: Increase your success rate

The new geo location and WHOIS data records are meant to help to increase your success rate by allowing you to sort the records geographically (which allows for geo-targeted campaigns) and also include website's owner/webmaster emails in your campaigns.

The Legal Bit

By purchasing our USA Vape Store Database, you agree to our terms and conditions.


Read our compliance statement to learn why our B2B vape shop leads are compliant with GDPR, PECR and other data protection and privacy laws.

USA Vape Store Database: Update Log

Mid May 2020 - COVID-19 Update to USA Vape Shop Database

We have added 1,500 new USA vape shops as well as smoke shops, head shops, gifts shops and other places that sell vape products. To get to these additional results, we performed a local scrape of Google Maps, Google, Bing, Facebook Business Pages, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. In total, there are now 8,500 plus vape shops and other places that sell vape products across the United States.

May 2020 - COVID-19 Update to USA Vape Shop Database

This is a major update to our USA Vape Shop Database. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have noticed that a number of American vape shops have gone out of business (mostly brick-and-mortar vape shops). We have removed these vape stores from the database. On the upside, we have seen an increase in new vape shop start ups across different USA states including California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, New York, Chicago and other states (especially in the online field). We have verified USA vape shop emails to remove all non-working emails (non-resolving domains, closed inboxes and spam traps). Clean emails will help you to achieve a much higher inbox rate and keep your IP address out of the spam blacklists which is the main reason for low email delivery rate. We have also observered that an increasing number of USA vape shops are now stocking CBD products ranging from CBD oil, CBD Gummies, CBD vape ejuice, CBD vape pens, CBD bath bombs and soap, CBD CapsulesCBD for cats and dogs, CBD edibles, hemp capsules, CBD Multi-Vitamins and much more. If you are in the CBD business, our USA vape shop sales leads will work exceptionally well for you.

March 2020- A brand new USA Vape Shop Database has been scraped from scratch. There are now approximately 7,000 records. We have also added new data for each vape shop: WHOIS and Geo-location data. The WHOIS data contains the contact details of the domain name owner/webmaster whilst the geo-location data contains the city, region and state of where the website is hosted. All the records have been cleaned using a three-level process: syntax, domain level and inbox level.

February 2020 -
this was a major update. We have scraped a brand-new USA vape shop database to replace our old USA vape shop leads that we have been updating for over 7 years. The new USA vape shop database captures all the vape shops across every single state in the USA. We have used our state-of-the-art software to scrape virtually all online sources for vape shops. Right now, the database has circa. 7,000 USA vape shops. Most vape shops have emails and websites. You can view sample screenshots of this database above by clicking the image thumbnails next to the product page.

21 September 2018 - Some minor changes were made to the USA vape shop database. Contact details of a couple of vape shops were changed as they had switched their domain names.

September 2018 - The entire USA vape shop database has been updated from top to bottom. All vape shops that have closed down were removed and new vape shops were added.

May - June 2018 - The entire USA vape shop database is undergoing a major update. New shops are being added and existing shops are being verified for existence.

February 2018 - Added over 1,000 new vape shops in the USA with extra data fields which include Vape Shop Name, Country, Address, Website, E-Mail Address, Telephone Number, Contact Form, Contact Form URL, Instagram, Facebook. 

USA Vape Store Database

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