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Press release writing and distribution for vape companies

What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement about your vape company that is issued to newspapers and online news portals.

How will press release distribution help my vape business?

A press release about your vape company will help to generate awareness about your vape company online. Usually, press releases help to drive traffic and consolidate your brand.

Press release distribution is good news for your vape seo

Inside each press release, our team will add some backlinks. This will help you to acquire backlinks from authority online news portals. This is a good way to diversity your backlink portfolio and boost your overall vape seo and search engine rankings.

An added bonus of press release distribution

Once your press release is published on online news portals, you will be able to showcase a list of news portals where you press release has been published. This will help to boost your credibility and "hype up" your vape company. This is particularly important if you would like to build trust with your clients.

Your press release will be distributed to roughly 200 premium online media and news portals. You will receive a full report with links to your press release.

Press release writing and distribution for vape companies