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Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

Pinky's Celebrity Club: Gain Instagram Followers, Post Likes and Comments Naturally

Pinky's Celebrity Club is a very simple yet powerful Instagram Management Software that will allow you to gain niche-targeted followers, post likes and comments on complete auto pilot!

Here's How Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software Works

Login into your Instagram Account

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

Configure the settings: select whether the software should like and comment on posts and follow other users. Enter your hashtags and comments (one per line). The software will now look for the latest posts containing the specified hashtags and comment on and like the posts as well as follow users. Please also select the delay between each action to keep everything natural in the eye's of Instagram and avoid blocks.

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

Keep track of the progress in the browser view: see what the software is doing at any point you like!

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

View the stats: see how many follows, post likes and comments the software has made!

Why Pinky's Celebrity Club is the Most Powerful Instagram Management Software for Gaining Natural Post Likes, Comments and Follows

  • 100% secure: the software is a desktop-based application that will not need you to supply your login details to anyone. In contrast, most cloud-based Instagram applications will require you to share your login details which can put your Instagram account at risk. Moreover, your Instagram account will be run using your local IP address which will prevent account verifications and blocks!
  • Very Easy to Use: the software is extremely simple and easy to use. Simply login, configure your settings and run the software.
  • Boost your Instagram Popularity: the software will supercharge your Instagram popularity by interacting with users from your niche. This will effectively get users to check out your Instagram page, like your posts and follow you.
  • No Hidden Charges or Catches: You only pay once for the software and you get to enjoy it for the rest of its lifetime 100% FREE.
  • FREE updates: you will receive FREE updates for the software!

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

Try Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software for FREE

Download this free version to take Pinky out for a test drive! Please note that the activity will be restricted to post liking only. If you like the software, please purchase a full version.

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software



The software will only work with Windows-based computers.

One licence will allow you to use the software on one computer.

Your licence key will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. Please check the email address with which you made the PayPal payment.


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