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Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package


This vape seo guide will change the way you do your vape marketing. Watch our tutorial video in which we share everything you need to know about on-page vaping SEO, vape keywords, off-page vape SEO, vape backlinks and surefire ways for ranking your vape shop on Google!

Why Are Vape Backlinks Important For Your Overall Vape SEO

Backlinks are one of the major factors that contribute to the overall vape SEO success. A vape backlink is a vote of confidence from the search engines. The more vape-related websites link to your website, the more popular your website gets in the eyes of the search engines. However, not all backlinks are equal. Generally, a backlink is considered to be high quality if it appears inside a vape-related text (generally a blog but can be any website page). The search engines are able to detect the context of each website and therefore, if your backlink comes from 100% vape-related website, then the search engines treat such backlinks as being of a high quality. If, conversely, your backlinks come from websites unrelated to vaping, the search engines will treat it as spam and even rank you down on the search engine results page.

Download a sample report with a few vape backlinks to get an idea

vape backlinks from vape blogs

Case Study: How Our Vape Backlinks Work and Key Features

Let's bring everything together and take a look at how these vape backlinks look like. Our Vape Backlinks package is the most powerful vape SEO tool for ranking your website on Google, Bing and a host of other search engines. Please watch the below video (the video is meant to be a working video without any flash effects) and examine the screenshots to understand the key characteristics of our vape backlinks. For the purposes of this case study, we will use an example backlink created for one of our clients, #Vapegoons. The website url of the vape blog is:

Contextual Vape Backlinks: Your Back Links will Be Nested Inside Unique Content Related to Your Key Words

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package - E-Liquid SEO & Vape Marketing

All Vape Blog Posts Come With Embedded Vape Images

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package - E-Liquid SEO & Vape Marketing

All Vape Blog Posts Come With Embedded YouTube Vape Review Videos

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package - E-Liquid SEO & Vape Marketing

Google Indexing Guaranteed: All Vape Blog Posts Are Indexed On Google, Bing and Other Search EnginesLow Competition Vape Backlinks Package - E-Liquid SEO & Vape Marketing

High Domain Authority, Do Follow And Spam Free Vape Backlinks

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package - E-Liquid SEO & Vape Marketing

What You Will Receive With Our Low Competition Vape SEO Backlinks Package

Our low competition vape backlinks package is ideal for vape companies that are facing relatively low competition. This mostly applies to local brick-and-mortar vape shops as by default, there can only be so many vape shops in a local area. Over the past five years, we have built up and nourished a massive network of vape blogs which have grown stronger over time. Here are the features of our low competition backlink package:

  • Backlinks inside vape-related blog posts
  • Safe anchor text ratio (90% generic keywords and 10% money keywords)
  • Image and Video embeds of your or vape-related products and vape reviews
  • Tiered Backlinks (this is where T1 vape blog links to your website, T2 vape blog links to T1 vape blog and so forth. This helps to pass ranking power all the way up to your website)
  • Manual work
  • DO FOLLOW backlinks
  • Different IP addresses are used for each blog
  • Backlinks spread across 20,000 vape blogs
  • Indexification of your backlinks on Google

Update Log of Our Vape Blog Network - What's New?

February 2018

We have added over 500 new vape blogs to our vape blog network with a domain authority of 50 and above! We now have the ability to embed Google Maps listings and Twitter and Instagram feeds into each vape blog post for extra SEO power to your external properties.

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Low Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Update Log

April 2018

We have added over 500 new e-juice blogs. We have also developed our internal indexer that guarantees the indexing of 70% of backlinks with Google.

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