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Leads for Your Local Vape Business

Most Effective Vape Shop Advertising: Dominate Your Local Search Terms and See Vapers Flood to Your Vape Shop!

Leads for Your Local Vape Business

This looks like a normal and optimised landing page with all the relevant call to action elements. However, under this landing page, there are thousands of optimised pages that are optimised for every single area code. Every single page ranks for "vape shop" in "every area in your locality". Therefore, anyone searching for a vape shop near them, will see your website pages. Once they click on the links, they will see your landing page with your contact details or we can even add an overlay of your actual website so that they see your website.

Our unique and secret method allows us to generate leads for local vape businesses such as vape shops. Our method involves the creation of mass websites with thousands of pages that target your key word and every single post code / zip code and area combinations. For example, if you run a vape shop in London and would like to target all vapers in London, your key word would be "vape shop" in [post code] [area]. By producing a combination of all post codes and areas in London with your target key word, a person searching for a vape shop near them would come across our lead generation website. When a person clicks on our website, they would see your actual website as we would add an overlay on our website. Therefore, nobody will ever see anything other than an overlay of your actual website. As you can appreciate, there is not a vape shop for every single post code and area code. Yet, people search for vape shops in almost every single area where they are based. Most of our pages rank top of page 1 due to low competition for these area-focused keywords.

Leads for Your Local Vape Business

Our Lead Generation Websites Are Making the Competitors Cry!

Our lead generation websites are ranking at the very top of Google for most keywords! Our mass lead generation websites are outranking all the local vape shops! And as you know, the top three results on Google get about 50% of the clicks! Collectively, we are helping our clients to rake in thousands of dollars of extra revenue every month on total auto pilot! Don't believe us? Take a look at one of our lead generation websites below! 

Thousands of Pages Optimised for Every Local Area CHECK! All Indexed by Google CHECK!

Leads for Your Local Vape Business

And this is why we are making the Competition Cry! We are outranking them for every local search term!

Leads for Your Local Vape Business

As you can see from the above, it is a no brainer! Our websites are literally sending thousands of vapers to our clients' vape shops 24/7 365 days a year. Just imagine how many people are searching for a vape shop near them! Thousands! And when they land on our lead generation websites, they buy from our clients' vape shops! It does not add a genius to add 2+2 together. Thousands of pages optimised for a local area all ranking on page 1 of Google = thousands of real website hits from vapers ready to buy from you!

What You Will Receive With Our Local Vape Business Leads Package

  • A website with a unique domain name and a unique IP hosted on our server
  • We will create pages targeting every single area and post code / zip code in your chosen area
  • We will add an overlay of your website on this lead generating website
  • You will receive real leads from real vapers
  • An SSL certificate

Why Choose Our Local Vape Business Leads Package

  • Our package is unique to us - you will not be able to find anything similar
  • Save money - think how much it would cost you to create web pages targeting each post code / zip code and area in your location.
  • Unlock New Customers - Our Local Vape Business Leads Package is the best and proven method of generating real customers for your local vape business

You can choose 1 or more websites depending on how many areas you would like to target.

Your lead generation website will be active for 1 year and the price you pay today will cover hosting, domain address and maintenance. 

Number of Lead Generation Websites

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