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High Competition Vape Backlinks Package


This vape seo guide will change the way you do your vape marketing. Watch our tutorial video in which we share everything you need to know about on-page vaping SEO, vape keywords, off-page vape SEO, vape backlinks and surefire ways for ranking your vape shop on Google!

How Do Backlinks Fit In With Your Vape SEO?

To put it simply, a quality backlink is a vote of confidence from the search engines. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your vape website will rank. However, there is a caveat: not all backlinks are good and in fact, poor and low-quality backlinks can hurt your vape website. As a vape business owner, you may already know that gaining quality, 100% vape-related backlinks is an extremely difficult task in this fiercely competitive industry.

What You Will Get With Our High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

High competition vape backlink package is suitable for most vape businesses that are facing a lot of competition. Our blogs work perfectly with any vape-related business including e-liquid brands, e-liquid wholesalers, e-cigarette companies, online and brick-and-mortar vape shops, vape event organisers and so on. Below are some of the things you will receive with your vape backlink package.

New: We will give you 20 Guest Blog Posts on Our Vape PBN

In addition to our network of vape blogs, we have started our vape PBN (private blog network. These are websites with purchased domains such as .site, .club and so on. Unlike the self-hosted vape blogs, these are hosted on 20 different servers in the USA with unique IP addresses. Each vape PBN site has an average domain authority of 20 and a very good backlink profile. We will create guest posts on each site using your website url and specified anchor text. These links will increase the number of referring domains and help you to diversify your backlink profile. Please note that this service is available only with the High Competition Vape Backlinks Package.

New: We will give you 20 Guest Blog Posts on Our Vape PBN

Download a Sample Report with A Couple Of Vape Blog Backlinks to Give You An Idea

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

How Do We Create Quality Vape Blog Network Backlinks?

Our team will create multiple posts on our vape blog network using the keywords you are targeting. The content will be relevant to your keywords. We will then embed vape images and YouTube vape reviews and other videos to make each blog post more interactive. We will then add a backlink back to your website using the keywords inside the anchor text. Our team uses a combination of target keywords as well as branded and naked anchor text with your brand name and website address to make every backlink look as natural as possible. Google and Bing are aware that website and blog owners use different anchors to link back to websites. Each blog is hosted on a separate server and uses a unique IP which means that not a single blog will leave a footprint and our vape blogs cannot be linked together: they are all standalone. Once we have created blog posts on our vape blog network, we will then send social signals and social bookmarks to each blog post to get it crawled by the search engines. The search engines will then start picking up the backlinks and sending your vape website a lot of SEO power. You should then notice an increase in visitor traffic as your website will start ranking higher on the search engines. Our team is posting new articles to each one of our blogs on a daily basis which means that the domain authority and page rank of each vape blog is increasing on a daily basis and so is the power of each one of your backlinks.

Vape Backlinks Case Study And Walk Through

To better demonstrate the features of our vape blog backlinks, we are going to be using one of several hundred vape blog posts we have made for one of our clients, #Vapegoons. We will be using this vape blog posts for the purposes of this demonstration:

Contextual Vape Backlinks Inside Vape Blogs Posts with Content Relevant to Your Keywords

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Vape Image Embeds Inside Each Blog Post

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

YouTube Vape Review Video Embeds Inside Each Vape Blog Post

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

100% Google Indexing Guarantee

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

High Domain Authority Guarantee

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

We have been running a massive network of 100% vape-related blogs for over 5 years now. With our High Competition Vape Backlinks Package you will receive:

  • Manual blog posts on our vape blog network
  • 90% generic anchor text ratio which is considered to be extremely safe
  • Video and Image embeds in your vape blog posts
  • 100% manual work
  • Tiered links (this is where blogs link to each other. For example, T1 blogs link to your website, T2 link to T1 blogs, T3 blogs link to T2 blogs and so on. This passes power amongst the blogs and gives your backlinks a lot of power.
  • We are constantly posting to each one of our blogs on a daily basis, which is increasing their power, domain authority and the value of your backlinks.
  • We use different IP addresses for each blog,
  • All vape blogs are indexed by the search engines
  • We send social signals to each blog to send your backlinks even more power and value to your vape SEO efforts.
  • White Hat Approach

Update Log - High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

August 2018 - we have added an extra bonus to our High Competition Vape Backlinks Package. With every order, you will receive 20 guest posts on our vape PBN websites. These are websites with purchased domains (not self-hosted web 2.0 blogs). Each vape website is hosted on a different server and has a unique IP address which ensures that there are no footprints. 

April 2018 - We have added over 500 new e-juice blogs. We have also created our internal backlink indexer that guarantees the indexing of up to 70% of backlinks with Google.

February 2018 - Our team has added over 500 new vape blogs over the past 3 months with a domain authority of 50 and above. We can now embed your Google maps listings, Twitter and Instagram feeds into our vape blog posts to give your social media channels and Google maps listings more SEO power.

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

High Competition Vape Backlinks Package

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