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Global Hemp and CBD Company Database with Email Addresses

What is included in our CBD and Hemp Company Database with Email Addresses

Our Global CBD Shop Database is ideal for wholesale CBD companies because it will connect you with CBD retailers (brick-and-mortar and online hemp and CBD stores). As you may have noticed, there is an increasing number of CBD stores being opened up on a daily basis. CBD products are becoming mainstream and are gaining public and regulatory acceptance. It is impossible to go for a walk in the city without coming across a CBD product in one shape or another. For example, CBD oil and Hemp Shampoo are occupying the shelves on most discount stores, you will find artisan bakers produly displaying their hemp-infused cookies and muffins and most health food stores and retailers will have a complete set of CBD products on display. 

Global CBD Retail Store Database - Connecting your Business with CBD Retailers

It is a no-brainer, when it comes to B2B CBD marketing, our CBD Retail Database will help to connect your brand with thousands of CBD retailers across the world with a push of a button. We have done all the heavy lifting for you by scraping an accurate and extremely comprehensive database of CBD retail shops, wholesalers and manufacturers. It does not end there. We are constantly releasing new updates to make sure that you do not have to waste your valuable time and resources in manually copying and pasting data from the internet.

Our database contains the contact details for virtually all the CBD and hemp companies in the world including cbd online shops, wholesalers and manufacturers. Most of the cbd companies focus on the following product categories:

  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Protein Bars
  • CBD Easter Bunnies
  • CBD Dried Fruit
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Vape Cartridges
  • CBD Doobies
  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Honey Sticks
  • Terpenes
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Pain Cream

Here is what Our Hemp and CBD company database contains

Here is what Our Hemp and CBD company database contains

Our Hemp and CBD company and shop database contains the following data where it is available:

  • websites
  • emails
  • addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • social media links

In total, there are around 17,000 CBD, Hemp and Cannabis companies inside the database.

Ways to use our Hemp and CBD Company Database with Email Addresses

  • Newsletters - simply upload all the B2B emails of hemp and CBD companies and reach over 17,000 cbd and hemp companies in a click of a button.
  • E-Mails - if you are a cbd wholesaler or a manufacturer, you can use the email addresses to send your offers and proposals to CBD shops, wholesalers and distributors!
  • Social media marketing - connect with CBD shops and wholesalers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest!
  • Make Some Calls - call up CBD and hemp stores to forge business relationships.
  • Send some samples - after contacting all the CBD and hemp shops, you can arrange to send out some samples of your CBD products to maximise your chances of being stocked by as many CBD shops as possible!

How to Place an Order

Simply buy this hemp and cbd database. Once you check out, you will receive a download link for the database. The CBD database will be available in an Excel format.

Please note: you will receive free lifetime updates directly to the email inbox with which you have made the purchase.

New: CBD Website Domains Resolved to IP, Country and City

Following our latest updates, we have resolved every single CBD domain in our database to IP, Country and City. What this means is that we have taken the IP of every website and resolved its city and country. This will allow you to sort your data according to country or city. Inside your sworksheet, you will now see a separate section for IP Geolocation details.


You may have noticed that the Global B2B CBD Shop Database contains a business address and IP GEO-LOCATION data. The business address is something that the hemp and CBD business owners have indicated on their website, social media page or a business directory. On the other hand, the IP GEO-LOCATION data is taken solely from the IP address of the server where the website is hosted. 

Tip: you can sort all the CBD websites according to IP GEO-LOCATION country, region or city. A lot of the time, the region of the IP address will reflect the geo-location of a website as it is considered to be a good practice to host a website in the same region in which the business is based.

Global Hemp and CBD Company Database with Email Addresses

New: CBD Website WHOIS Data Added

In addition to the domain/IP geo-location data, we have extracted the WHOIS data for every website in the Hemp and CBD Business Database. The WHOIS data contains information of when the domain was registered and when it expires, the registrant name, the registrant's email address and Phone Number. This is ideal if you need to contact website owners, need to see when domains expire or for doing market research. The WHOIS section is included in the main worksheet and is separated in different colours. The WHOIS data section also contains the TLD (top-level domain such as .com, of every website.

TIP: You may want to sort the business records according to the domain extension as sometimes those can be indicative of the region. You may want to also contact the domain owners via email/phone simply because those are the people who own/control the website. You are likely to get through to the webmaster or the actual owner. On the other hand, if you are sending an email to the website's general email, you may be contacting a customer support team. It is a good idea to contact all emails. WHOIS data is supposed to provide you with a greater depth of data and enable you to achieve a higher success rate in your CBD marketing endeavours.

Global Hemp and CBD Company Database with Email Addresses


WHOIS data is data relating to the domain registrar and the domain/IP geo location data relates to the hosting of a website. Both sets of data provide valuable yet different data for CBD marketing and advertising purposes.

Change Log - What's New?

JULY 2020

The CBD Industry Database currently has over 12,000 CBD companies consisting of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. We have split the entire database on a country by country basis. As well as receiving a master database, you will also receive a folder with individual files for every country. This is useful if you would like to geo-target your B2B marketing campaigns.

May 2020 - Covid-19 CORONAVIRUS update to the CBD Industry B2B Email Marketing List

This has been a major update to our CBD Industry B2B Data List. In total, the entire database has in excess of 17,000 CBD and vape shops (that's 10,000 more records from our previous database). We have noticed that an increasing number of vape shops have started carrying CBD products such as CBD gummies, Hemp soap and bath bombs, CBD e-liquid, CBD oil tincture, CBD vape pens and cartridges, CBD edibles and even CBD pain creams and CBD treats for cats and dogs. To this end, we have also scraped for vape shops.

We have noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire CBD and vape market. A good number of brick-and-mortar CBD and vape shops have closed down (ceased operating) due to cash flow problems: Coronavirus has hit many local businesses across the world. To this end, we have removed all the shops that are no longer operating. On the upside, we have observed that a lot of new vape and CBD shops have opened up (especially in the online sphere). We have been running our state-of-the-art website scraper across all major websites containing quality CBD leads including Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Vape and CBD Shop Directories, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Business directories and much more. We have literally scoured every corner of the web to find all CBD and vape shops selling CBD. Likewise, we have included all of our business contacts obtained during more or less every single Hemp and CBD Exhibition and Trade Shop across the world: these business records are gold as you will not find them online! Overall, the entire CBD Industry B2B Data List is more streamlined and complete. We have cleaned all the emails using our cutting-edge email verifier and removed bad emails (closed mailboxes, expired domains and spam traps). We have done a spot check by sending out a campaign to all emails and have managed to get a near 0.5% bounce rate and almost 99% inboxing rate. As you may be aware, bad/bouncing emails will decrease your success rate in terms of the inbox rate because bad emails will get your IP and SMTP server blacklisted.

February - March 2020 - In this update, we have scraped a fresh Global Database of Hemp and CBD Shops (brick-and-mortar and online), wholesalers, manufacturer's and distributors. In total, there are over 7,000 Hemp and CBD businesses in the database. We have also added additional geo-location data of the hosting IP address (country, region, city) and WHOIS data (domain name's webmaster's/owner's email, telephone number). The additional data will allow you to maximise your CBD advertising and marketing success rate as you will have the chance to sort the records by geo-location data and contact the domain name owners/webmasters. We have cleaned all the main emails using a three-step procedure: syntax level, domain level (make sure the domain name exists/resolves) and inbox level (make sure the email inbox exists).

October 2019 - We have made a major update to the CBD. We have scraped all the CBD company emails and decided to eliminate the bigger part of the vape shops with the aim of making this CBD database more targeted. We have still kept the vape shops that sell CBD products. You will now find approximately 20,000 CBD shops, brands, wholesalers, manufacturers, magazines, blogs and all the sites related to CBD or sites that have written about CBD. We cast our net very wide as some of our customers wanted to have a database with not only CBD shops but virtually all CBD-related businesses and even sites that have published about CBD products. You can now also use this database for guest blog post outreach campaigns to build up your brand exposure and backlink profile. We have made some new changes to the structure of the files. You will receive the master database with all the CBD companies in an Excel format as well as a separate file with ONLY CBD-related emails (this is more for anyone looking to use emails for newsletter campaigns and email blasts). We have also divided up the entire CBD email list according to top-level domains (TLDS) and saved them in separate files inside a separate folder. You can now target CBD companies according to their regions and domain names, i.e. .com,,, .fr, .de, .ru and so on. As usual, we have cleaned the entire email list using our 3-level email verification: syntax, domains and email inboxes.

September 2019 - We have scraped a brand new CBD and Vape Shop Database. The brand new CBD and Vape Shop Database contains approximately 22,000 entries of vape and cbd shops, wholesalers, manufacturers and related businesses. We have decided to add the vape companies due to the close connection between CBD and vape products. An increasing number of CBD companies are now producing CBD vape juice and likewise, an increasing number of vape shops are selling CBD products such as CBD e-juices, gummies, salves, oil and others.

July 2019 - we have completely recompiled the entire CBD store database by scraping all CBD and hemp stores from popular search engines such as Bing and Google, Google Maps (very important for local vape shops), business directories such as Yellow Pages and Yelp, Trust Pilot and social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The entire CBD store database now contains around 7,000 CBD stores.

April 2019 - We are currently updating our CBD and hemp company database to include 15,000 CBD companies in total. The new update will be sent to all of our customers automatically. Please ensure to check the email with which you purchased the CBD company database.

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