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E-Liquid SEO Monthly Package

How Our E-Liquid SEO Monthly Package Works

All you need to do is order this package and send us all required information. From there onwards, we will do everything ourselves and will not require your input beyond the submission of our initial requirements. At the end of the month, we will provide you with detailed reports and a summary of what has been done for your website. Our E-Liquid SEO Monthly Package is made especially for e-juice brands. With our E-Liquid SEO Monthly Package, you can choose different options for different services to suit your budget. 

What You Will Receive With Our E-Liquid SEO Monthly Package

Backlinks on our 3,000+ private vape blog network

We will create campaigns for pages on your website targeting your keywords. We will use a safe anchor text ratio to produce contextual and permanent backlinks that will appear within different vape blogs. All work will be performed manually by our team using different IP addresses for each blog. We use a tiered link building process which in simple terms means that tier 1 vape blogs will link to your website urls, tier 2 vape blogs will link to tier 1 vape blogs, tier 3 vape blogs will link to tier 2 vape blogs and so on. This helps to pass power all the way up to your website and strengthen the power of your backlinks. We will also embed images from your website on each blog which will also pass power to the ranking of your images. We can also embed your YouTube videos to also help to increase their rankings. If you do not have any YouTube videos, we will embed vape review videos. We can also embed your social media channels into each vape blog post to strengthen the performance and rankings of your social media profiles. You will receive backlinks from a variety of vape blogs including e-liquid blogs, e-cigarette blogs, vape shop blogs, vape mod and hardware review blogs. Once all your backlinks are ready, we will send your backlinks more power using social bookmarks and social media signals. Once your backlinks are ready, we will start indexing them on Google and Bing search engines. As a result, you will receive high domain authority and 100% vape-related backlinks which will help to increase the traffic to your website by helping your website to appear higher on the search engine results page for the key words you are targeting.

Listings on Vape and CBD Shop Directories

You would need to list your business on these directories and I will give you lifetime membership, which means that your listings would never be removed. These cbd and vape shop directory listings are great for generating direct and relevant traffic to your website. (CBD directory) (vape shop directory)

Feature in Vape and CBD Magazines

Our team can review your CBD products and feature them in the below magazines. For this, you would need to send us your full product line:

CBD Life Mag

Vape Life Mag

This is a great way of increasing your brand's awareness and also maximising your site traffic and sales. You would also receive backlinks inside each post.

Banner Ads on Vape and CBD Shop Directories and Magazines

I could publish your banner ads on the below sites for an entire year. This is great for brand exposure and direct traffic. (Online CBD Magazine)

Here are the banner options: (Online Vape Magazine)

Here are the banner options: (CBD directory) (vape shop directory)

Forum Posts

I could register and post on around 10,000 popular forums. This is a very good way of generating traffic for your website as well as gaining some backlink diversity. The forum list varies as I am constantly adding new forums to my list.

Global Vape Shop Database

We will give you the latest copy of global vape shop database. This vape shop database will provide you with vape shop contact details including e-mail addresses, websites, physical addresses, telephone numbers and other information. Our global vape shop database is extremely useful for newsletter campaigns, sending out e-liquid samples, phone calls and vape shop visits.

We Will Manually Contact our 30,000+ List of Vape Businesses With Your Custom Message Through Online Contact Forms

As you may know, sending out newsletters can be a bit of a gamble, especially in terms of deliverability. In fact, many newsletters end up in spam folders. A surefire way of getting your message across to vape businesses is by sending your message via online contact forms, which are guaranteed to reach the recipient. Our team of e-juice SEO experts will manually contact all vape businesses on our list using online contact forms. Please note that some vape businesses may not have an online contact form. 


Guest posts on powerful sites

Send Your E-Liquid To Vape Reviewers (OPTIONAL)

We will approach e-liquid and vape reviewers and send your e-liquid to them for their review. This is a great way of creating exposure for your e-liquid brand amongst the vaping community. If you choose this option, you will need to send us your e-liquids and we will in turn, send them to vape reviewers. Once we get a confirmation of the total number of reviewers who would like to review your brand, we will let you know and you will be required to ship a given number of e-liquids to us. Please note that all e-liquids will be sent on our behalf as we have a relationship with a number of vape reviewers.