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Why You Should Register With is the first vape marketplace that connects vape companies with vape shops and other wholesale customers. The way it works is companies list their products and vape shops then search for products and if they would like to buy from a certain company, they start the contracting phase. During this stage, a buyer submits their product requirements to the seller, the seller gives a custom quote and the buyer pays the seller directly through the platform. An increasing number of shops are using because it is convenient and easy since a buyer such as a vape shop can browse thousands of e-liquids, vape mods, batteries, coils and other vape products and buy from several sellers at once. This business model is centralising the wholesale vape market and it currently represents a big opportunity for any vape seller offering products to wholesale customers. The platform also supports ads from sellers such as home page banners and randomised side panel ads on product pages. The advertising works using a pay as you go principle as you have to have credit on your account. Here is an official video from to give you a better idea of how the platform works.

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Once you have uploaded your vape products and re-written all product descriptions, the next stage is to create quality vape backlinks for each product listing. This will help to increase the search engine rankings of each product. A backlink is a vote of confidence from the search engines: it tells search engines that other vape websites are linking to your products because they are popular. Our team of SEO experts will create contextual and permanent backlinks on our vast network of vape blogs. We use a 90% generic anchor text ratio as it is considered to be search engine safe. We can also embed your images and videos into each blog post to send extra power to your images and videos. We create all backlinks manually using different IP addresses. Watch the below video from to learn more about optimising your vape product listings. 

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