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Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, a vape store online UK based in the heart of London. At The Eliquid Boutique, we have an extensive range of premium e-liquid brands that have been carefully picked by our vaping connoisseurs. We take vaping very seriously, and to this end, we work hard to ensure that we only take on the best e-liquid brands. We have a rigorous selection criteria when picking which e-liquid brands to stock. Our criteria includes, but is not limited to, production methods, testing and certification, quality of ingredients and production facilities. Once we are happy with a premium e-liquid brand, we will stock it at our online vape store. With several years of experience behind us, we have learnt to look past the label because to us, whilst the label and marketing are important elements, if an e-liquid is not what it “says on the can”, it does not cut muster according to our standards. Our vape store is updated regularly as we are constantly on the lookout for great premium e-liquid brands. Make sure you check back regularly to see our new additions.

At The Eliquid Boutique vape store online UK, we mainly specialise in premium e-liquid. The term premium is somewhat elusive and nebulous. To most of us, by today’s vaping standards, premium e-liquid comes in higher VG content as it is generally associated with higher quality and has gained popular acceptance by vapers, more notably cloudchasers (more advanced vapers who like to drip). If you are new to the vaping scene, do not let the technicalities confuse you. When choosing your e-liquid brand and flavour there are several things you will need to look out for, including VG:PG ration, nicotine strength, flavour and certification. To put it simply, VG or vegetable glycerine is the substance that is responsible for the vapour production whilst PG or propylene glycol is a flavour carrier. When combined, VG and PG form the nature of e-liquid. Therefore, e-liquid that is higher in VG will produce more vapour and some taste, although not as intense as a higher PG e-liquid. Whilst e-liquid that is heavier on the PG will produce more flavour and less clouds. There is clearly a trade off between PG and VG. When deciding on the VG:PG ratio, try to think about the device you are using and the vaping stage at which you are at. If you are a more advanced vaper who uses a mechanical mod and enjoys dripping, consider going for e-liquid around the 60-70% VG content. If you are a vaping novice, consider going for a less advanced vapouriser such as a tank for example, which generally can handle up to 60% VG. Before purchasing your e-liquid, check the instructions from your personal vapouriser to make sure it is suited to the e-liquid in question. The next consideration when purchasing your e-liquid is nicotine strength. Again, you will need to make an informed decision on this. Please bear in mind that nicotine is a poisonous and addictive substance that is responsible for the nicotine rush and a throat hit. Moving on, you will have noticed that there is a plethora of e-liquid flavours on the market and choosing the right flavour profile for you may be a very difficult task. However, it is simpler than that. When picking your flavour profile, think about your taste palette and the foods or drinks that you generally like. Also, we encourage everyone to read the flavour and brand descriptions of e-liquids as those can be helpful in providing more information about the e-liquid flavour profiles as well as the brand. The descriptions form e-liquid brands are not always clear-cut and pave way for some ambiguity. You can therefore read the product reviews from other buyers on our website to gain an idea whether the liquid is considered to be good amongst vapour. If you find yourself short of information to make an informed decision as to which brands or flavours you would like to go for, consult independent online sources. There are plenty of e-liquid reviews from distinguished and prominent vape reviewers who do very insightful e-liquid reviews. Click here to go to our vape store online UK page to browse our e-liquid collection.