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Vape Sponsorship: Get an E-Liquid Sponsorship from The Eliquid Boutique

Vape Sponsorship: Get an E-Liquid Sponsorship from The Eliquid Boutique

The vaping industry has exploded over the last few years and we see a plethora of all kind of e-liquids, vape mods, coil set ups! It is a very exciting time indeed. At The Eliquid Boutique, we are always looking to engage with vapers and this is where our vape sponsorship programme comes into the picture.

Are you looking for vape sponsorship? At The Eliquid Boutique we are constantly searching for vaping enthusiasts who are looking to get an e-juice sponsorship. Here is your opportunity to grab a piece of the vape limelight and become a vape celebrity on all popular social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. You will have surely seen famous vapers and models promoting e-liquid and vape brands on Instagram or YouTube. Well, this could be you!

What Does Vape Sponsorship Involve?

Vape sponsorship essentially entails you actively promoting our e-liquids on your social media channels. E-Juice sponsorship is not like a full time job - it is where fun meets the celebrity status. Vape sponsorship is extremely flexible and will not burden your everyday life - whenever you are out and about, you can take pictures of our e-liquid or when you have some free time, you could make a YouTube video. Imagination is key! In your Instagram posts and YouTube videos you should talk about our brand and even vaping in general. The key is to promote us in such a way where promotion meets audience engagement.

Once I Gain Vape Sponsorship, what Social Media Channels Should I Post On?

This is entirely up to you. Most e-juice sponsors post on Instagram, Facebook, private blogs and YouTube channels.

 What You Will Get with Your E-Liquid Sponsorship Package?

By Gaining Vape Sponsorship from The Eliquid Boutique you will be receiving sweet packages with our e-liquid, stickers and other goodies! You will simply need to actively promote our brand and e-liquid on a constant basis by maintaining an active social media presence.

 Why You Should Become Sponsored by The Eliquid Boutique?

If you are an avid vaper or a vape connoisseur, why not grab a piece of action and become a vape star?

 Our Tips for Successful E-Liquid Sponsorship

We always advise our vape sponsors to be themselves. Vape Sponsorship is not about trying to fit yourself in a straightjacket. It is about going about your everyday business and just doing the things that you like. It goes without saying that you should always be friendly and professional - especially when representing a multinational e-liquid company. Do not try to spam the hell out of Instagram or Facebook. Instead, try to engage your audience by sharing things that your audience will find interesting. For example, you can talk about vape related issues in your local area, write about a local vape shop, share your vaping experiences and reviews.

What Happens If I am not From The UK? 

Not to worry! We are always looking to sponsor enthusiastic vapers from all over the world.

Great! I want to be Sponsored by The Eliquid Boutique!

 Get in touch with us now by sending us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please send us your social media links and YouTube videos (if any) so that we could review your suitability for e-liquid sponsorship with The Eliquid Boutique. Once you are approved, you can proudly start putting #theeliquidboutique to all your posts as it marks the beginning of your journey as a The Eliquid Boutique team member!

Here is what some of our sponsored vapers have to say about our vape sponsorship programme:

I really enjoy vaping. I have attended a lot of vape exhibitions in the UK and overseas. I always wanted to become more involved but the opportunities are very hard to come by, especially in a market where it is difficult to be taken seriously. Whilst attending a vape exhibition in Birmingham, I met Katie from The Eliquid Boutique. We had a very nice chat and she offered me the sponsorship programme. I was over the moon. I am really enjoying being sponsored by The Eliquid Boutique. The vape sponsorship programme is very fun and easy. I simply incorporate the products from The Eliquid Boutique into my life and just share my vape moments. So for example, whilst I was playing GTA V, I took a snap of the E-Luxe e-liquid bottle whilst dominating the online scene. All I can say is, if you are a passionate vaper and would like to become more involved in the vape market, give The Eliquid Boutique a try. Everyone on the team is super friendly and relaxed! – David, Sevenoaks, Kent UK

The only word that sums up The Eliquid Boutique e-liquid sponsorship programme is AMAZING! Your passion for vaping does not end at Instagram posts – it is only the beginning. In fact, Laura invited me to attend a local vape exhibition and help to represent The Eliquid Boutique. I was chuffed with such an opportunity. If you demonstrate the right levels of enthusiasm and commitment, you will be rewarded beyond your imagination. – Sarah, London


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