Sell Your Premium USA E-Liquid With Us

Do you have a premium USA e-liquid brand? Would you like to reach thousands of vape shops in the USA, UK, Russia and most parts of the world? We can certainly help your premium USA e-liquid brand grow and generate an excellent return on your investment. At The Eliquid Boutique, we have built up a robust network of thousands of trusted vape shops dotted around the globe. This relationship allows us to place your premium USA e-liquid brand on our premium USA e-liquid wholesale platform. Vape shop owners are constantly reviewing our website for fresh e-liquid brands to add to their stable. By becoming a part of The Eliquid Boutique, you will not have to worry about investing into marketing, approaching vape shops yourself or wasting your time on things that simply do not work. Here is a quick overview of how we operate and the benefits we can bring to your premium USA e-liquid brand.

Why E-Liquid Brands Choose to Sell their Premium USA E-Liquid Brands through Our Network of Vape Shops

A One-Stop-Shop for Wholesale Premium USA E-Liquid

Wholesale Premium USA E-Liquid from California At The Eliquid Boutique, our goal is to bring all the leading premium USA e-liquid brands from California, USA and elsewhere in one place. Many vape shops are choosing us as their trusted premium USA e-liquid wholesale supplier because we are able to present an excellent and extensive collections of premium USA e-liquids from parts of USA such as, most notably, California in one place and an extremely competitive price. Since our inception, more and more vape shops are switching to us instead of buying e-liquid from each manufacturer on a piecemeal basis. Our innovative vape business model has already proved to be extremely successful as it allows vape shops to select a diverse portfolio of new as well as best-selling e-liquids to present new choices for their customers as well as reduce the risk of buying relatively new e-liquid brands in large quantities. We have eliminated this opportunity cost for most vape shops because we place all e-liquid orders from each brand collectively on a regular basis.

A Fresh Collection of Premium American E-Liquid Brands

Wholesale Premium USA E-Liquid from California Our team is constantly adding and updating all premium USA e-liquid collections to reflect the latest developments in the vaping market. Our team is constantly keeping abreast with new e-liquid brands and undertake rigorous vetting procedures in order to pick out the brands that will fit our business model and meet our high levels of quality that we expect of every premium USA e-liquid brand. As you can appreciate, many vape shops simply do not have the time nor the ability to keep track of every premium USA e-liquid brand that comes out on the market. This is where we step in.

Premium USA E-Liquid at Competitive Prices

Wholesale Premium USA E-Liquid from California Our purchasing ability allows us to obtain very competitive prices that vape shops would otherwise not be able to obtain themselves if buying from each e-liquid manufacturer directly, unless they did so in large orders. However, most vape shops take a cautious approach by ordering only a handful of the best-selling e-liquids that are sure to sell. This risk aversion can be counterproductive, especially when it comes to discriminating and experienced vapers. Whenever we come into a vape shop, we like to see new brands, try out some new e-juices and get something new for a change. No matter how good a juice is, the saying “variety is the spice of life” certainly holds true in this context. Luckily, we are able to present vape shops with an opportunity to buy premium USA e-liquid in smaller quantities which, in turn, presents vape shops with an ability to carry more premium American e-liquid lines at a relatively low investment. This has proved to be highly effective as it eliminates the risk of e-liquid not selling and keeps the vapers interested to return to vape shops more often to check out the latest additions.

How to Add Your Premium USA e-liquid Brand to Our Premium e-liquid Wholesale Platform

The bottom line is that we are very accommodating to new gourmet e-liquid brands from parts of USA such as California, and we aim to take on as many brands as we possibly can. Our rigorous selection procedure is in place in order to filter out low quality and questionable e-liquid brands. It is great if you make your e-liquid at home or in your garage and we do not doubt your good intentions. However, in order to qualify for addition to our gourmet e-liquid wholesale platform, we require that an e-liquid brand is actually made in certified laboratory with clean-room facilities to guarantee the health and safety of our customers and ensure the highest levels of hygiene and quality. Here are some of the things we will consider when taking on a new e-liquid brand:

- Certification and compliance with local and international laws and regulations 
- Quality certificates;
- E-Liquid test results;
- Insurance;
- E-Liquid viability test;


Some Benefits of Selling Your Artisan E-Liquid with Us

Save Time and Money

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaPromoting and selling a new e-liquid brand is extremely time consuming, prohibitively expensive and at most times, very unrewarding. Just imagine approaching every single vape shop, sending out e-liquid samples, investing into marketing and so on. At The Eliquid Boutique, we strive to help premium American e-liquid companies as much as we help vape shops looking to purchase premium USA e-liquid at wholesale.

Become A Member of Our Trusted Network

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaBy selling your e-liquid through us, you will receive the same level of trust that thousands of vape shops put in us. This is simply because our network of vape shops trust us implicitly in doing a good job from selection of new e-liquid brands to delivery.

Receive Exposure to Thousands of Vape Shops

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaVape shop owners are browsing our premium e-liquid collections from California and other parts of the USA on a daily basis to see what’s new on the market. From the moment we add your e-liquid line to our gourmet e-liquid wholesale platform, your e-liquid will receive many views and generate interest. This can potentially and often so leads to brand awareness within the vaping community and sales. Every time we add a new premium American e-liquid line to our e-liquid wholesale platform, we post an update on our social media networks as well as contact every vape shop individually.

How to Stand Out Amongst Hundreds of E-Liquid Brands

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaIt can be tough to differentiate from hundreds of premium and equally good e-liquid brands on our artisan e-juice wholesale platform. However, fear not. Every e-liquid is most certainly unique in its very own way. For example, there are e-liquids that specialise in certain deserts such as doughnuts for example, which in turn gives them their very own competitive advantage. Equally, vape shop owners are looking to add new premium USA e-juice brands to their range. Once we have approved your e-liquid line, we will require you to send us promotional materials for your e-liquid line. It is advisable to invest some time, resources and effort into getting your presentation correct. E-Liquid Presentation plays a very important part in influencing customers’ purchasing decision. By way of an example, we have had an e-liquid brand with not so great graphics and low quality and somewhat pixelated pictures. Whilst the e-liquid was divine, the customers did not know that because they based their decision of whether to buy or not to buy on the basis of what was in front of their screens. The takeaway from this is that you should aim to strike the right balance between e-liquid quality and your presentation and will it surely take you a long way!

Practical Considerations

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaOnce your e-liquid line is up and running on our platform, we will take orders from vape shops and place them directly with you. You will be required to ship e-liquids directly to vape shops. The benefit of this approach is that you are going to have only one client, who will be us. From experience, this helps to ease off pressure from e-liquid brands in having to deal with individual vape shops and allows them to focus their efforts on brand development and other aspects of their vape business. By working with you, we are going to be very reliant on your prompt turnaround on order fulfilment. It is therefore of prime importance that you respond to our orders promptly in order to keep everyone happy.

Here is What Some of E-Liquid Companies Have to Say About Us

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaI have started up my e-juice business about two years ago and during those two years, I seriously thought that I was destined for failure and was even contemplating of winding up my company. This was until I came across The Eliquid Boutique. I spotted The Eliquid Boutique on Instagram and decided to get in touch. The guys including Katie were exceptionally helpful and supportive and after about a week, we have gotten my brand right into Russia because Katie was doing a large project there at the time. In the first month, I must have fulfilled around hundred large wholesale orders. This really helped to turn around my struggling vape business. Working with The Eliquid Boutique has been nothing but a real pleasure!” – Happy Vaper E-Juice LLC

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaWhen I started up Tudor e-juice line, everything was all over the place. We had no structure and perhaps focused our energy on everything other than selling our e-juices. The Eliquid Boutique was an excellent start for Tudor e-juice co and the beginning of something very magical. When we first listed Tudor e-juice line, I did not expect a massive return if anything at all. I could not have been more wrong. Within the first day of going live, my e-juice line generate enormous interest amongst many vape shops. The first two weeks or so have been all about dealing with e-juice samples and just getting the formalities out of the way. Then the orders started coming in one after another as we managed to convert each interested vape shop into a paying and regular client. In around 3 months, my e-juice line was selling like hot cakes and vapers actually started posting snaps of my e-juice on Instagram. I would highly recommend The Eliquid Boutique for any e-liquid brand that is serious about really getting out there. You can work as hard as I did and still get nowhere. The team at The Eliquid Boutique really do have a superb formula that you plug in and watch the success come your way!” – Anna, Tudor E-Juice Co LLC

Buy premium usa e-liquid wholesale californiaI must have spent around £15,000 on all the vape exhibitions that I attended in the hope of selling my eliquid. In fact, I was incredibly disappointed by the negligible outcome of all vape exhibitions and regret spending all this money on them. The Eliquid Boutique essentially has a stellar network of vape shops around the world, which is something that every e-liquid brand wants. However, the easy bit is that I did not have to talk to vape shops individually. Once vape shops saw the e-liquid brands up on The Eliquid Boutique’s website, they instantly developed trust for the brand due to The Eliquid Boutique’s excellent reputation in the vaping circles. The most difficult chance was actually locating The Eliquid Boutique since at the time, it was not as big as it is today”. – Simon, Shity Bear Vapes LLC