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Evelyn du Maurier content writer focusing on vaping related issues


My name is Evelyn du Maurier. I'm a street and product photographer and novelist currently surviving the concrete jungle that is Downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles was where I was born, but I’ve lived all over the world, including Japan, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Along with my husband, I share my home with my cat Jonesey, named after the cat in ALIEN. 

I’m also the writer and reviewer for Closed Door Vapes, a blog I started because I wasn’t finding enough information about the e-juices and vaping legislation that I wanted to see. The blog is still relatively new, but I focus on European-based vaping companies, including e-juice companies, as their flavors are closer to my flavour profile. The support I’ve gotten for Closed Door Vapes, especially from The ELiquid Boutique, has been astounding, and is very much appreciated. 

I got started vaping, if you can believe it, without ever being a smoker. My husband found a few studies that proved the effect of nicotine on cognitive enhancement. At the time, I had been having trouble concentrating on my work and was willing to try anything to get my focus back. It didn’t take much convincing on his part for me to try vaping, especially as one had just opened up down the block from our apartment. 

So I tried vaping about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back. Although I began vaping as a way to focus better on my work, I quickly realized that there are other benefits to vaping, including pain and appetite suppression (Americans are known for eating way too much) and much more. 

But I will admit that I didn’t know much about what was going on in the vaping community until a few months ago, when I got wind that Big Tobacco was plotting a move to restrict vaping. In America, this is a battle that is taking place in my state in a very real way, so it’s important for me to keep a close eye on it. 

In Europe, the fight for vaping is even worse. Through the adoption and implementation of the TPD, former smokers and vapers are now seeing access to vaping supplies and e-juice will be limited, along with the planned bans of vaping products imminent in other countries in the EU. Even though I don’t currently live in the EU, I have plans to move there in the next couple of years, which means that the TPD will have a direct effect on me. 

I’m passionate about vaping, not just because I know that it helps smokers quit their habits, but because it allows for the effects of nicotine to be safely given to the mass public. As a writer and journalist, I know that my research will benefit the vaping community, both in the short and long-term.


our vape team behind the gourmet e-liquid ukHi my name is Jesse Regan, a.k.a Young Gauge, I am twenty-nine years old. Born in Burnaby and raised in the Okanagan. I started smoking at a young age of nine. After all the years of wasting my money on a horrible tasting cigarette, that even my non-smoker girlfriend can agree on. I wanted to find an alternative nicotine delivery system. A friend, Troy Hnatiuk who owns “Valley Vapors, West Kelowna, BC.” Introduced me to vaping. I instantly became hooked.

It all started with a little E-vod, about a week later. I went into the shop “Valley Vapors” and put down $250.00 on a GI 2. Within the first month I had spent over one-thousand dollars. It quickly became a hobby and less of a smoke alternative. I quickly became attracted to cloud chasing and started perfecting my craft on a daily basis. Building became a major interest, starting with twisting 26’s and graduating onto fused claptons. Still till this day I prefer a five wrap 20 gauge competition wire. I started noticing I could stand beside most of the big names of the game. One of my friends convinced me into competing locally. It wasn’t until my third competition that I took a loss at “Vape Coast 2015, Vancouver, BC.”

I have been working in “Smokanagan” for over a year. We’re a local bricks and mortar shop in the heart of Kelowna, BC. I have gained a reputation with myself amongst the local vapors. Some refer to me as a sensei of vape, haha. Not only have I competed, I also hosted local vape events in the Okanagan.
Lately I have been focusing on growing my popularity on “Instagram.” I am now at 3.3k followers and get as close to 1,000 likes a day. It has opened many doors to the hearts of the vape community to further my knowledge and connections. Lately, I spend at least two hours practicing tricks, jelly fish, force fields, whips, fuses, spans. It’s something I love doing when you catch a trick on camera. It’s amazing.
I have never really been much of a fruit fan. I pretty much stick to the custards. And by custards I mean; bold, vanilla, butterscotch, caramel, nutty. I vape a max VG 90% of the time. My ratio is usually 70:30. My favorite juice still till this day is Dr.Fog Custard. Something about it just brings me back to the first day I started vaping. The taste is full, sweet and savoury.

I own a couple really rare mods. Including one of the first one-hundred incubis in production by Eldiablo. I also own a fully authentic supra mod, Realoux dna 200, Triple 18650 Rage Box Mod Unregulated, Flawless Tugboat V2, Lone Wolf by Wulf Mods and over thirty-two RDA’s.

I am the founder of “Cloudpack Vape Team.” We are a community of vapors helping each other out on the daily. Whether its knowledge, a team member needs a build, or someones out of juice, because no one likes being out of juice! 

Liam Daigle the eliquid boutique vape family gourmet UK e-liquid connoisseurLiam Daigle - My name is Liam but most people refer to me as Lem! I have been vaping steady for the past year and a bit. My set up is the snowwolf 200W with the Sapor. My favourite builds are normally dual claptons just cause of that flavour tho! Now besides my vaping, I am an extremely artistic person. I am currently working on my communications degree then eventually write for times magazine or national geographic! I am absolutely in love with tattoos and piercings as my ears are stretched and have my nose pierced! I am slowly working on creating an entire body suite of tattoos. Arts are my life, from writing and singing to drawing and photography. My life revolves around the arts of the globe, my girlfriend and vaping! I love the team ideology and I love the idea of being a part of something with fantastic people!!



gourmet eliquid from uk 




 Hey guys, my name is Luke and I'm from kelowna, british columbia, canada. I am a very outgoing person and I love to keep busy especially in the winter months. I grew up outdoors. I love to dirtbike, mountain bike, vape, build coils, kyak, travel, snowmobile and basically anything outdoors. I have been cigarrette free for over 7 months now and I have never felt better in my entire life. Being only 19 years old and already developing breathing problems was something that really scared me so I found vaping and haven't looked back since. I am back and forth between kelowna and clearwater bc where I am good friends with several of the local shop owners who usually ask me for input on what I would like to see in the store aswell as other customers. I take alot of pictures and videos for my instagram, it is something that i enjoy doing. I have recently gotten my girlfriend to quit cigarrettes aswell. She started off with the kbox nano I got her for christmas but after 2 weeks that wasnt cutting it anymore and she decided to adopt my snowwolf. It makes me so happy to be part of something so much larger than myself. The vapefam is unreal and people are so generous and selfless considering how rare acts of compassion are these days. I have a bearded Dragon named charlie and 2 insane dogs lol. There arent a ton of people who vape in clearwater so i have been trying my absolute best to get out there and get the word out on how much safer vaping is than analog cigarrettes. People are blinded by the bullcrap studies corrupt institutions put out. I feel it is my duty as a vaper to spread the truth about vaping and not lies and propoganda. That said, I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

Jordan Hicks, The Eliquid Boutique Vape Family Gourmet UK E-LiquidHi my name's Jordan Hicks - people call me Jt. My mod is a Eleaf istick 100w, I am and tattoo artist in the making, I have my tongue pierced, ears stretched and nose pierced. I am a singer. I can do some pretty decent vape tricks, I love photography. Im a writer, and I love cars with a passion. I have done modelling professionally I would love to get back into it. I play baseball, soccer, basket ball, hockey. My goal is to be a suicide girl, I will be loaded with tattoos soon. My boyfriend is my best friend, and my dream is to open a tattoo shop. I'm a true Canadian, born and raised in Squamish B.C. Currently living in Kelowna B.C. I have an English bulldog called Molson.