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Welcome to our Online Vape Shop Ireland page! Here you can find many novel and interesting premium e-liquid brands from the United Kingdom and The United States. Simply browse our Online Vape Shop Ireland and click on an e-liquid picture to learn more about the brand and flavour. With our fast shipping service to Ireland, now you can try some of the best e-liquid brands without leaving your home. Whether you are busy at work and do not have any time to visit a local vape shop or do not want to venture out, you can buy e-liquid online and get it shipped to your home.

At The Eliquid Boutique Online Vape Shop Ireland, we focus on stocking high-end gourmet e-liquid brand. With the label “premium” being used so loosely, here is why our e-liquid is indeed premium. Whilst we stock many popular e-liquid brands, we realise that our loyal customers are looking to try new and exciting brands. Just imagine coming to your vape shop and finding the same e-juice brands time and time again. You would get bored and the e-liquid flavours would gradually lose their appeal. At The Eliquid Boutique, we are constantly on a lookout for new e-liquid brands and flavours. Once we find brands that we like, we conduct a rigorous vetting process to ensure that e-liquid is compliant with national and international laws and regulations to ensure that it is safe. We carefully review testing data sheets and certification as a way of checking that we are told by the e-liquid manufacturers is indeed true. You will find that most of the e-liquids stocked at our online vape shop are handcrafted in small batches to the highest standards of quality before it is steeped to perfection. Be sure to check our Online Vape Shop Ireland page on a regular basis as we are constantly adding new e-liquid brands to keep our awesome clients intrigued. As a trusted online vape shop with a friendly and client-focused approach, you can buy e-liquid with complete confidence.

How to choose your E-Liquid at our Online Vape Shop?

It is fair to say that taste is subjective and each one of us has a different taste palette. For this reason, there is no such thing as a universally “best” e-liquid. Every e-liquid flavour is different and unique in its own way and in order to decide what e-liquid is best for you, here are a few tips that you can use when buying e-liquid at our online vape shop.

What E-Liquid Flavour should I choose?

Choosing a perfect e-liquid flavour can indeed be a daunting and difficult task, especially with such a wide array of brands and flavours to choose from. When choosing your e-liquid flavour, try to think about the flavours that you like in food or drink. This will help you to avoid the definite “no, nos”. For instance, if you like yoghurt then you may well like yoghurt flavoured e-liquid. On the other hand, if you do not like cupcakes, then there is no point in wasting your time looking into cupcake flavoured e-liquid. With e-liquid flavour profiles becoming more complex, it is important to note that most e-liquids will have a dominant flavour that is complemented by minority flavours. This can change the flavour entirely. For example, you may try two peanut butter flavours from two e-liquid companies and find that one e-liquid tastes completely differently from the other. For this reason, when buying an e-liquid flavour, try to read more about the flavour profile to ensure that you like the flavour combinations contained in them. Another important thing to note is that e-liquid companies have a tendency to source their flavourings and base ingredients such as VG, PG and nicotine domestically. For example, an e-liquid company in the UK is more likely than not to source its base ingredients domestically simply because it is more convenient, cheaper and the delivery is usually faster than having to wait for a shipment from the United States for example. This means that on a lot of occasions, e-liquid from one country will share a common denominator in terms of its overall character and flavour profile. This is true not only for countries but also cities and states. For example, if you like a certain e-liquid brand from California, United States, you may find that you will also like other e-liquid brands from California.

What Nicotine Strength should I Choose?

E-Liquid comes in varying nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg and 3mg all the way to 12mg and higher. When choosing your nicotine strength in e-liquid, you will have to think about your nicotine preference. If you are vaping as a means of quitting smoking, you may want to start off with a higher nicotine content and gradually cut it back. If vaping is your hobby, then you may want to pick a nicotine strength with which you are comfortable. To do this, you will need to take into consideration factors such as how often you vape, your e-cigarette device and your health. A large number of cloud chasers, drippers and advanced vapers use advanced personal vaporisers such as RDAs, RTAs, mechanical mods and sub tanks, which heat up the e-liquid at a very high temperature. This is what creates large plumes of flavoured vapour. Large vapour clouds means that there is a greater mouth to lung hit and subsequently a larger intake of nicotine and flavour. It is therefore sensible to go for lower nicotine content if you are an advanced vaper.

What VG to PG ratio should I choose?

VG is a viscous and thick ingredient that produces vapour whilst PG (propylene glycol) is a runny substance that is a flavour carrier. Both VG and PG are commonly found in medicines and many household goods. You can read more about VG and PG at our Vaping Guide section. If you are an advanced vaper, dripper, cloud chaser or a vaper who appreciates gourmet e-liquid, you may want to go for e-liquid with a higher VG proportion. Premium e-liquids come in a variety of VG to PG proportions with the most common being 50VG to 50PG, 60VG to 40 PG, 70VG to 30PG and 100% VG. Some people are allergic to PG and may therefore naturally go for 100% VG based e-liquid in order to continue to enjoy vaping without developing an allergy reaction. Generally, the higher the VG content, the greater the clouds. This is not to say that vapour will be flavourless. High VG e-liquids normally use VG based nicotine, which means that it can carry flavour as well as PG-based nicotine.

Become a Part of the Vape Community

Our guide on choosing your flavour is intended to set you off in the right direction and is by no means exhaustive as it merely scratches the surface of the ice. You can join an online vape community, a forum or a social media group. You will be able to speak to many other experienced vapers from across the globe who will share their vaping journeys and experiences. You can also share your perspectives on e-liquid brands and personal vapourisers (e-cigarettes). In addition, when choosing an e-liquid, you may want to watch some YouTube e-juice reviews by experienced vapers who will give you an objective and informative perspective on many e-liquid brands.

The Eliquid Boutique – Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer

At The Eliquid Boutique, we manufacture a range of exciting brands at our state-of-the-art facilities right here in the UK. Our premium e-liquid brands range from the sweet and seductive MY JUICY AFFAIR collection to the more sophisticated and classic SQUARE 47 and E-LUXE LONDON brands. All of our e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches to the highest standards of quality before it is steeped to perfection. Each bottle of our e-liquid carries a unique batch identification number which helps to ensure full transparency and traceability of ingredients, which is why you can buy from our Online Vape Shop Ireland with complete confidence. Before making our e-liquid available at our online vape shop, we test it for harmful substances such as diacetyl and many others. Once we are convinced that our e-liquid is safe, we make it available at our online vape shop. As a company, our aim is to be a first version of ourselves than a second version of somebody else. For this reason, we invest substantial resources into our research and development stage to produce some of the best tasting and vapegasmic flavours that are surprisingly moreish. If you are looking to try out some new and refreshing e-liquid flavours, why not give our brands a try?

The Eliquid Boutique – Premium E-Liquid Wholesaler

We regularly supply many vape shops, whether online or brick-and-mortar, with premium e-liquid flavours around the world, including Ireland, UK, USA, Russia, France, South Africa, Australia and many others. We operate a very flexible business model, which allows us to offer premium e-liquids at competitive prices. We do not have a per se minimum order quantity as we want to make our great e-juice brands accessible to every vape shop no matter the budget. Why not indulge your customers with some exciting and quality e-liquid brands? Introducing new e-liquid brands to your vape shop is a great way of gaining an edge over your competition and see your customers return in anticipation of finding new e-liquid brands sitting on your shelf.