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Frequently Asked Questions - Vape Shop Online UK

We have put together a list of vaping questions that you may find useful before purchasing from our vape shop online uk.

Q: What is E-liquid / Ejuice?
A: Eliquid is a substance that you vapourise and inhale when using your personal vaporisers (mod, starter kit, eshisha, etc.). E-Liquid is comprised of four components listed below.

Q: What is Eliquid made from?
A: Vegetable Glycerine – You may have come across this ingredient as VG when reading the proportions on the back of an eliquid bottle. Vegetable Glycerine is a carbohydrate (a sugar) derived from plant oils, is mostly used in cosmetic products such as soap and sweeteners.

Propylene Glycol – Also known as PG, is a clear, odourless and tasteless liquid. PG along with VG comprise the base liquid component of eliquid, they hold the flavour extract and nicotine and act as a catalyst for vaporisation. PG is often used to blend ingredients together that would not normally blend well. Like VG, PG has many uses and is recognised to be safe when used in foods.

Nicotine – This is the substance that provides the nicotine fix. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance.

Flavour Extract – Our flavour extracts are USP and natural as well as artificial flavours. Our eliquid flavourings are procured from our list of trusted suppliers from the UK and the United States, as well as parts of Western Europe. Our flavours do not contain Acetoin or Diacetyl.

Q: How does the nicotine in e-liquid compare to the nicotine in tobacco products?
A: Nicotine is added to the eliquid base. The eliquid is heated into a vapour. Nicotine is absorbed by body tissue, enters the bloodstream, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and reaches the brain.

Q: What is used to make flavoured eliquid?
A: Many flavourings in e-liquids are various food flavourings or additives.

Q: What is the expiration of eliquid?
A: Both USP food-grade vegetable glycerine (VG) and USP propylene glycol (PG) have a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years when stored in dark and cool conditions. The addition of nicotine increases the oxidation process and exposure to light will rapidly degrade the glycerine. The presence of other flavourings or additives could have an effect on the shelf life but none have been officially determined in e liquids. We have taken extra precautions and given our eliquid a shelf life of one year. Our unique batch numbers allow us to trace every eliquid bottle and ensure that every eliquid bottle is safe to use. Our eliquids are snapped up very quickly and most of them do not reach one year maturity. Always check the best before date on your eliquid label.

Q: Will vaping eliquid help me to quit cigarettes?
A: The use of e-liquid in vaping has not been approved for use as a smoking cessation device. The use of e-cigarettes is an alternative nicotine delivery system or a replacement of tobacco cigarettes.

Q: Do you test your eliquids on animals?
A: No. All our e-liquid is made to the highest standards using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and organic flavourings, which are tested using machines.
Safety and Legislation

Q: Can I take my ecig and eliquid on the plane?
A: Generally, you can take your ecig and eliquid on the plane with you. Most airlines require you to carry your eliquid and ecig in your hand luggage so that it can be inspected when passing the security. To the best of our knowledge, an increasing number or airlines and airports do not allow ecigarettes in the cargo because there were cases where electronic cigarettes had caught fire. We recommend that you check with your airline before flying.

Q: Can I use electronic cigarettes in public places?
A: This generally depends on your jurisdiction. Generally, electronic cigarettes can be used in public places and venues. However, public establishments take different approaches when it comes to vaping and ecigs, so it is best to check with them in advance.

Q: Should I vape when pregnant?
A: We recommend that you check with your doctor before vaping. If in doubt, do not vape.

Q: Is Vaping a healthier alternative to cigarettes?
There is no medical evidence as of yet to conclude that vaping is “healthier”. However, there is a consensus that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes as it does not contain thousands of chemicals and carcinogenic substances associated with traditional cigarettes.

Q: Is it legal to vape when driving?
A: You will have to check the laws of your local jurisdiction. For example, in the UK, it is against the law to smoke in a vehicle with a minor inside. We strongly recommend that you do not vape whilst driving since the vapour can obstruct your view and increase the risk of an auto collision.

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