E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid is manufactured in our TPD licensed and state-of-the-art laboratory in England that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of E-Luxe premium UK e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, tanks and vape mods. E-Luxe TPD compliant e-liquid currently comes in two e-liquid lines: high vg e-liquid line (70VG:30PG) and a classic e-liquid line (50VG:30PG). E-Luxe premium UK e-liquid high-VG line is most suitable for sub-ohmers, cloudchasers and modders. The classic line is ideal for most other e-cigarettes and vape devices.


E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid is blended, steeped, bottled and packaged at our TPD licensed and fully certified e-liquid manufacturing facility in England. Our stringent standards and full TPD compliance enables us to ensure that every bottle of E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid adheres to the highest quality standards and regulations. We procure all the ingredients used to make E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid within the UK and only use natural flavourings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine, which allows us to produce a truly gourmet and quality line of e-liquids, which make for an unforgettable vape. Each one of our bottles is labelled by us at source and contains a batch identification number and an expiry date to ensure that every bottle of our e-liquid is traceable and matches our stringent quality standards. Our unique steeping and blending methods bring out mature and fragrant flavours and thick clouds for you to enjoy. During vape conventions and exhibitions, vapers have noted in particular E-Luxe gourmet e-liquid collection is very unique, smooth and at the same time complex. If you are tired of the main stream flavours and are looking to try something refreshing and possibly even pleasantly surprising, give E-Luxe a try. E-Luxe high VG e-liquid line has performed well at several cloudchasing competitions at numerous vape exhibitions. We conducted several surveys at a number of vape exhibitions and overall, 80% of vapers (1,000 survey sample size) said that our flavour profiles are exceptionally straightforward yet complex, smooth, pleasant and enjoyable. Most vapers said that our e-liquid is ideal for everyday vaping. Equally, E-Luxe premium UK e-liquid received a lot of positive reviews from prominent vape reviewers. Here is what some experienced vapers said about our e-liquid.

E-LUXE PREMIUM UK E-LIQUID"This is the first time that I have tried E-Luxe e-liquid and what struck me the most is the ability to make somewhat straightforward flavours so complex, yet simple and thoroughly enjoyable. During the entire vape exhibition, I was vaping all sorts of CCalifornian e-liquids that were overloaded with a plethora of flavours. When I tried orange popsicle for example, I was greeted by a very clean, smooth and fragrant flavour that was extremely refreshing to my taste buds. Luckily, I got a nice sample pack from the Sarah and John to take home. E-Luxe high VG range is definitely perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy one clean flavours". - Aaron from Kent

E-LUXE PREMIUM UK E-LIQUID"When I walked past the E-Luxe stand, I was mesmerised by the beautiful artwork. I think that the E-Luxe brand is very unique in the sense that it can take a somewhat standard flavour that most companies have gotten wrong and turn it into an exceptionally enjoyable and complex e-liquid flavour that presents a superior vaping experience. For example, when I tried the retro American Cola I was expecting a standard cola flavour. I could not have been more wrong. The flavour was so complex and well-developed that I could taste cold, fizzy and refreshing cola out of a chilly glass bottle on a warm summer's day! Simply wonderful." - Lucinda from Hampstead

What Makes E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid the Best TPD Compliant E-Liquid?

  • All e-liquid is manufactured in the UK
  • TPD Compliant 
  • 2 e-liquid lines: classic and high VG
  • highest quality pharma-grade Nicotine that is compliant with EP and USP specification. 
  • All ingredients are sourced from within the UK
  • We have a very diverse, unique and complex flavour profiles
  • We currently manufacture over 1 million e-liquid bottles per month
  • Our e-liquid does not contain ethyl heptanoate, butyl valerate and contain diacetyl
  • We operate a QMS system that is based on principles of pharmaceutical manufacturing which help to ensure traceability throughout the entire production and supply chain thus confirming to quality of inputs and outputs.
  • We demand the highest standards of quality and safety from our supply chain and carefully review all certification and testing on all inputs. We proceed to undertake a batch testing programme in order to ensure that our systems and processes produce clean, accurate and quality TPD compliant e-liquid. Our ISO Class 7 accredited clean rooms and bottling plant house some of the most advanced e-liquid production technology which allows us to achieve unparalleled quality and tpd compliance. 
  • All of our tpd compliant UK e-liquids come in child resistant packaging along with the necessary certificates. 
OUR STORY BEHIND E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid

The brand behind E-LUXE LONDON Gourmet E-Liquid Collection:

I want...I want...A moon on the stick

You wanted the moon on a stick...well look! I went up and got it for you!

The E-LUXE LONDON brand is built on the famous English idiomatic expression: “ to want the moon on a stick”, which means “to want everything” – especially something one cannot have.

Our brand was developed by one of our co-founders who was working at a City law firm when he ventured into a lawyer’s office and saw a Dickensian illustration of a moon on the stick hanging on a lawyer’s wall and curiously queried his colleague about it. From that grey rainy day in the office, our founder decided that he wanted to translate the high standards of the law firm to the vaping market and produce eliquid like no other on the market.

Our founder saw this brand capture and project an escapist fantasy of fascination, romanticism and the infinite and eclectic nature of our society as well as represent high standards synonymous with his previous law firm. From a more practical perspective, when the electronic cigarette is inhaled, the end of the electronic cigarette lights up and thus becomes a “moon on a stick”. The birth of this idea finally ended our founder’s misery (only kidding, he had an awesome time and loved his time at the law firm) as he quit the firm to found the E-LUXE LONDON brand. This began our magical journey into the eliquid world. Welcome aboard!

After having tried almost all e-liquids on the market and carried out copious amounts of research, we decided that we wanted to produce e-liquid like no other and did not want to produce a “run of the mill” flavour and attach the label of “luxury” to it. After two years, many hours in our laboratory and dozens of tasting sessions, we eliminated most of our e-liquid flavours to leave only the most daring and exciting flavours. By default, we eliminated all flavours that were already available on the market: that was painful. We can proudly say that our e-liquid flavours are delightfully eccentric (for those growing tired of the common verbiage of “unique” and “luxury”) that will get you tasting the stars of the eliquid universe.

Our e-liquid flavours, composition and branding aims to reflect the beauty of our “London” culture.

E-LUXE premium e-liquid wholesale

If you run a brick-and-mortar or an online vape shop and would like to see the E-LUXE LONDON Gourmet E-Liquid Collection on your shelves, simply contact us at info@theeliquidboutique.co.uk . In order to make the E-LUXE LONDON Gourmet E-Liquid UK Collection available to all vape shops, we do not operate a minimum order quantity for our wholesale clients. We are very confident that E-LUXE LONDON is a truly unique Gourmet E-Liquid brand that it will be one of your best sellers. We already supply hundreds of vape shops around the world. Here is what some of our wholesale clients have to say. We have recently become a verified e-liquid supplier on Find A Vape Supplier business-to-business vape marketplace. This means that you can order from us directly on Find A Vape Supplier.

E-LUXE PREMIUM UK E-LIQUID"E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid is definitely one of the best sellers at my vape shop. The brand's basic and refined flavours makes it extremely popular with vapers who are looking for a clean and authentic vape. A lot of vapers actually report that they like the fruity flavours. I also noticed that some vapers who religiously buy just American e-juice, actually started buying E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid in order to have a break from overwhelming dessert flavours. Overall, in my opinion, the E-LUXE premium UK e-liquid range is very extensive, it has enough flavours to appeal to different tastes, the packaging is a true masterpiece. I actually get many clients who ask me about the artwork on the labels". - Alex from Cloud Works

E-LUXE PREMIUM UK E-LIQUID"I first tried E-LUXE [LONDON] e-juice at the Vape Expo in Moscow and the e-liquid struck me as very very unique and surprisingly pleasant and very complex. Most e-juice brands can be compared and grouped by flavours. However, I was so taken aback by flavours such as Cucumber Fizz that I had to create E-LUXE [LONDON] a category of its own. From the moment I tried E-LUXE flavours, I knew I had to stock them at my vape shop. My customers were very intrigued and amazed by the great paintwork designs on the e-juice bottles and found the flavours to be extremely enjoyable and unique. During the Moscow Expo, the guys at E-LUXE [LONDON] [had] some issues with the Russian customs which meant that they only had [a] few bottles of e-juice, five to be precise. Sounds like a disaster, right? No, this fact made the E-LUXE [LONDON] brand even more exclusive and the Russian vapers even lined up for a single drop of e-juice. At the end of the Vape Expo, one affluent lady even wanted to buy an empty E-LUXE [LONDON] bottle because she loved this e-juice brand so much." - Maksim from 'Moscow Vapes' Vape Shop, Moscow, Russia

E-LUXE PREMIUM UK E-LIQUID"E-LUXE LONDON is one of the most unique and amazing vape juice brands. I really credit the E-LUXE LONDON team for departing from the customary flavours and coming out with such radically drastic and gourmet e-cig juice flavours. When I came across E-LUXE LONDON English E-Juice Collection on Instagram, I immediately knew that I had to have this ejuice collection at my vape shop. The e-liquid packaging is one of the best I have seen on the vaping scene. Since I share a background in art and design, I found the artistic labels and luxurious finish to be very appealing. E-LUXE LONDON is one of my best selling e-liquids and in my opinion, a leading UK brand so far as gourmet and premium e-liquid is concerned. Most of my customers choose to buy E-LUXE LONDON e-liquid not because it is an excellent every day vape, but because customers want to treat themselves. One of my friends always comes into my vape shop to get some e-liquids for everyday vaping and a few bottles of E-LUXE LONDON e-juice to treat himself on weekends and in the evenings." - Stephanie from 'Texas Vapors' Vape Shop, Texas, United States


Our mission is to produce a gourmet line of e-liquid to the highest standards of quality to satisfy even the most discriminating vapers.


At E-LUXE LONDON, we've created a culture of openness and transparency where all of our people can make a difference. Our values underpin our culture and how we do business. They are embedded throughout our business and set the parameters of how we expect people to behave with their colleagues, clients and the world at large.

We believe our strength is rooted in our core values: putting our clients first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our world. These values are our legacy and our future.


We have a truly global outlook and a strong reach across many countries and regions. We take a focused and proactive approach to our client needs through our international team. Our team is experienced in working with a diverse client base in many languages including Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and others. All our team members have a good understanding of international markets and cultural empathy which allows them to deliver a tailored approach and produce cutting-edge solutions for every client.


We are always aiming to give back to the community and are presently running vacation schemes and other employment opportunities to help young people to get into employment and regularly sponsor our local sports clubs.