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The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Salford UK

 Salford is a contemporary city reckoned with gleaming architectures, waterside leisure bays, fashion and entertainment. Here, class and elegance depict everyday life. And in such a city, you simply need to vape with the best. Visit The Eliquid Boutique for the best shortfill and nicotine e-liquids, vape mods, tanks starter kits, batteries and every vaping essential you need. We have partnered with reckoned vape brands including SMOK, VaporessoInnokin, Zenith, Aspire and more, presenting you only the best in the market. Our product portfolios are updated weekly to make sure you are vaping with the latest innovation as soon as they are launched. Vaping is a pleasant and tasty practice. It engages you to create a perfect setting for your pleasure and entertainment. The Eliquid Boutique is obligated to supply you with the best vape hardware and e-liquids so you can achieve your ultimate experience.  

Best Vape products in Salford

 Vaping requires that you are set with high-quality vaporisers and e-liquids for a superb experience. The Eliquid Boutique brings you the best:

Shortfill and Nicotine E-liquids

Shortfill and Nicotine E-liquids

Vape e-liquids are made from vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and food-grade flavouring.  The consistency of the e-liquid is determined by the ratio of VG to PG. E-liquids with high VG have a thicker consistency than those with high PG. Thicker e-liquids produce denser clouds and a smoother throat hit. They are perfect for people looking for massive clouds and no-smokers. On the other hand, e-liquids high in PG are thinners and highly absorbent. They produce more pronounced flavour and stronger throat hits making them perfect for smokers.

nicotine shots

Usually, e-liquids have nicotine or are nicotine-free. In the UK, all e-liquids bottled with a capacity over 10ml are sold nicotine-free. But manufacturers package shortfill e-liquidswhich have a space to fill in nicotine shots. This method allows you to mix your own nicotine e-liquids at a cheaper more convenient way. 

nicotine e-liquids

We also have premixed nicotine e-liquids with different nicotine strengths for your preference. They all come in different flavours including fruity, dessert, menthol and tobacco. You might need to try several flavours until you find your all-time flavour.

 E-Cigarettes Starter Kits

E-cig starter kits

E-cig starter kits are best for beginners because they are easy to operate.  The vape pens and starter mods are pre-installed with fully charged batteries, tanks and coils. Some manufacturers pack extra stock coils and sample e-liquids to make your first time as hassle-free as possible. Most of this devices have adjustable airflows and variable temperature control allowing you to customize the vapour and flavour production to your preference. Some of these devices like vape pens are light and easily portable. This makes them a top choice for people looking to enjoy vaping away from home.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods

Vape modsare more advanced e-cigs suited for experienced vapers. They have powerful heating mechanisms with variable voltage and wattage allowing you to adjust the temperature of your vapour. Mods come in different designs including box mods, temperature control mods, regulated mods and mechanism mods. Most mods especially box mods are compatible with all vape tanks. You are able to customise and personalise your experience to your preference.

Vape Tank

Vape Tank

Vape tanks come in different volumes and designs. You can choose from clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, RDA (rebuildable drip atomiser) and RTA (rebuildable tank atomisers). While they are all reservoirs for your e-liquid, each will give you a unique experience. Clearomizers have a clear section that allows you to see the e-liquid in the chamber. Sub-ohm tanks are compatible with sub-ohm coils for enhanced cloud production. RDA and RTA can be customised for improved flavour, vapour or a combination of both. But you have to build and wick the coils yourself.   

Vape Coils

Vape Coils

Vape coils come in different resistances including low resistance, sub- ohm resistance and high resistance. The resistance of the coil determines how first your e-liquid is vaporised.  High resistance coils vaporise slower but produce more pronounced flavour. Low resistance coils vapour the e-liquid faster and produce larger clouds. If you are using stock coils, make sure to read your tank and mod user manual to know which coils are compatible with your device.

Common vaping Problems and How to fix them:  Spitback and Popping

Spitback (also spitting) occurs when e-liquid is directly pooled up on the coils and boiled instead of being vaporised through the wicks. The hot droplets spit through the mouthpiece into your mouth when vaping. This occurrence is usually accompanied by pop sounds hence, the spitting and popping effect. Spitting is mostly caused by flooding although sometimes can be unprovoked.  

How to prevent Spitting

Avoid over-primed coils – while priming is an important step once you install your coils, overdoing it can cause flooding and spitback. If you are doing it manually, make sure you only drip enough e-liquid, though it is best to give the wicks time to saturate on their own to avoid over-priming.

Pulse the fire button- if you have over-primed, pulse the fire button several times before inhaling. This will clear out any e-liquid on the coils for a nice clear draw.

Reduce your Airflow- as you inhale, you pool up e-liquid from the tank to the wick. Strong inhalations with large airflows allow more e-liquids into the coils. Try reducing the airflows and inhale softly to allow the coil and wicks to saturate naturally.

Turn up power- sometimes, the e-liquid might not be vaporised as fast as it is absorbed. Increasing the wattage allows you to vaporise more e-liquid hence, reduced spitting and popping.

Re-wick your coils- if you are using a rebuildable tank atomizer, re-winking the coils with a denser lining can help solve flooding and spitting. But be sure to find a balance to avoid completely blocking the tank chamber.

Use a thicker e-juice- e-liquids with high levels of PG are naturally thinner and tend to be absorbed more easily.   Switch to a thicker VG e-liquid can solve the spitback issues because it is absorbed more slowly.

Replace your drip tip- if you have tried all the above and still have a spitback, try a changing your drip tip design. Drip tips that are curved with long mouthpieces make it harder for the spitting e-liquid to reach your mouth. The E-liquid Boutique has a wide variety of anti-spitback drip-tips with different designs.

Vaping should be enjoyable and hassle-free. Get the best vaping hardware and e-liquids here at The Eliquid Boutique. We offer your discrete billing and packaging guaranteeing your personal privacy.  Free shipping on all orders above £50! In the case you have any trouble finding a product or have a vaping question, please feel free to contact our customer care desk for personalised support.