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The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Portsmouth UK

 As a new vaper in Portsmouth, you have already realised there are hundreds of vaping products in the market. Some you have no clue who they work or affect your experience. But you need not panic. The Eliquid Boutique is here to simplify everything.

In simple terms, e-cigarettes consist of only three components:

  • A battery: This is the source of power that allows the e-cigarette to function. Vape batteries come in different strengths and are usually rechargeable.
  • Housing: This is the chamber that hosts the battery and the circuitry. Housings come in designs and sizes including vape pens, vape mods and pods.
  • Tank: This consists of two things. The chamber that holds the e-liquid and the coil attached to it. The coil is usually removable and can be replaced without needing to get a new tank.   

Once you have understood these devices, you are already halfway successful in your vaping journey.

Now, let’s explore the different types of e-cigarettes available:

Vape Pens and E-Cigarette Starter Kits

E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Vape pens and starter mod kits are the most beginner-friendly devices you can find. They come pre-installed with a charged battery, tank and coil. They have easy to operate setting and adjustable airflows allowing you to customize your experience. Some also have sub-ohm tanks and temperature control settings although these features will vary among manufacturers. The battery capacity of these devices is strong enough to last you all day if you are a moderate vaper. While they are considered beginner devices, vape pens are popular with seasoned vapers looking for small portable devices for away-from-home vaping.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods

Vape mods are advanced e-cigs designed to produce massive vapour and more pronounced flavour. They have powerful batteries hence; enhance heating mechanisms, temperature control setting and variable voltage. Most vape mod especially the box mods are compatible with almost all types of vape tanks allowing you to fully customise your vaping experience. You can manipulate setting to achieve your desired vapour warmth, density and flavour.  In addition, some features such as LED-powered displays indicating the battery status, temperature setting, Bluetooth compatibility, touchscreen displays among other will vary among manufacturers.

Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks

Commonly known as clearomizers, vape tanks come in different designs and sizes. The designs you are likely to encounter include sub tanks, Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) and Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA). While they all have the same function of holding the e-juice, they have functional variants that influence your vaping experience.

How do they differ?


These are the most common tanks used on vape pens and starter mods. Generally, they have a transparent section on the chamber that allows you to see the e-liquid in the tank. This helps you know when it’s time to refill your tank

Sub-Ohm Tanks

These are tanks that support sub-ohm coils. They come in different sizes with the maximum being 2ml. Sub–ohm tanks have variable airflow allowing you to customize your vapour production. The filling mechanism may be fitted at the top, bottom or on the side. They are commonly used on mods although some advanced vape pens have sub-ohm capabilities.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)

RTA requires you to build and wick the coil. They are cheaper than buying stock coils. Most have an improved cloud and flavour production. They require a higher level of experience in coil building hence, not suitable for beginners. 

Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers (RDA)

RDA tanks are similar to RTA only they don’t have a chamber to hold the e-liquids. You have to drip it manually on the wick. These tanks can be used with different coil types, wires and wick materials allowing you to fully customise your setup. The downside is that they can be daunting unless you take vaping as a hobby.

Vape Coils

Vape Coils

The coil is an electronic device attached to the tank that heats the e-juices into the inhalable vapour. The e-liquid is soaked from the tank into the wick (absorbent padding inside the coil). The soaked e-liquid is then heated up to create vapour. Vape coils come in different sizes and features. Some have high heat resistance which enhances flavour production while other has low heat resistance enhancing cloud production.  The wink tends to burn out quickly. If not changed regularly, your vapour will have a dry burn taste, ruining your experience. Make sure to replace your coils at least once every week to preserve the quality of your vapour.

All these devices function in unison. If one is failing, your whole experience will be ruined. Make sure to purchase from reputable vape shops like The Eliquid Boutique to ensure you get the best authentic quality. Always read the product descriptions before purchasing as you contemplate on your vaping needs so that you choose devices that fulfil your vaping desires.

Now that you understand the devices, let’s look at the e-liquids.

Shortfill and Nicotine E-liquids

 shortfill e-liquids

E-liquid is the juice you add to the tanks and is heated to produce vapour. They are made from vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and food-grade flavouring. According to the TPD regulations, all e-liquids stocked in bottles with a capacity of over 10ml are nicotine free. But most people buy shortfill e-liquids and add 10ml nicotine shot. The shortfill e-liquids vary in capacity depending on the desired nicotine strength.  

nicotine e-liquids

There are also pre-mixed nicotine e-liquids here at The Eliquid Boutique. Browse through our website for nicotine e-liquids, shortfill e-liquids and nicotine shots from top-notch brands including Dinner Lady, Gourmet, Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, Hubb Global, Acme Vape and more. Mix and match different flavour including fruity, dessert, tobacco, menthol, or unflavoured. This is where vaping becomes fun!

Vaping is a very personal affair. Fine tune your ultimate vaping experiences with high-quality mods and e-liquids from here at The Eliquid Boutique Portsmouth UK. We have scaled the vaping markets and picked our supplies from reputable vape brands like SMOK, Innokin, Aspire, Vaporesso, Zenith and more to make sure you are expressing your elegance.  Browse through our website and choose your favourites in the comfort of your home. The Eliquid Boutique will be delighted to discretely package and deliver to your doorstep. Free shipping for all orders over £50!