Become A Vape Guest Blogger - Vape Guest Posting

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Become A Vape Guest Blogger - Vape Guest Posting

Become A Vape Guest Blogger - Vape Guest Posting

We are actively looking for enthusiastic vape guest bloggers to write for The Eliquid Boutique. Are you passionate about vaping? Are you looking to make a greater contribution to the vaping market and become famous? Here is your opportunity to become a vape guest blogger with a successful vape company. Our application process is as simple as 1,2,3 - you write to us and then we make a decision, usually within a few days.

How Does Vape Guest Blogging Work

You will be able to post your e-liquid reviews, vape news, perspective and vape device reviews directly on our website. You will be writing from your name so this is a great opportunity to gain fame in the vape market and, more importantly, make a valuable contribution in informing fellow vapers.

What Are We Looking for in Our Vape Guest Bloggers

Firstly, we are looking for passionate vapers who are always full of ideas and creativity. You will need to have good written communication skills in order to convey your ideas to our readers in a coherent and engaging manner. You should also be a person with a good attention to detail to ensure that every vape guest blog post is free of typos and well-researched and written.

Subjects Our Vape Guest Bloggers Can Write On
  • Vape News
  • E-Liquid Reviews
  • Vape MOD and E-Cigarette Reviews
  • Vape and Politics
  • Medical Research into the Vape Market
  • Reviews of Vape Coils

Our Criteria for Selecting Vape Guest Bloggers

  • Genuine Vapers: We are looking for genuine and enthusiastic vapers who are passionate about blogging on vape topics. We are not looking for 'clever' marketers who are looking to squeeze in a guest blog post in order to get a backlink to their website - we do not appreciate such underhand tactics. Yes! In the past we had many purported vape bloggers write to us and a zillion other vape companies. 
  • Longevity: we are looking to take on guest vape bloggers for the long run. 

Vape Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Unique and High-Quality Content: every single guest post must be unique and written by you. You are strictly prohibited from using spun content or copying and pasting content from other websites. Your guest blog posts will be checked by our team using a plagiarism checker and proofread for accuracy and quality.
  • Linking: you are prohibited from linking to other vape vendors. You can only link to vape authorities, governmental and medical publications, research papers, etc. You are limited to one link per blog post in order to avoid spammy profiles. 
  • Vape Reviews: when reviewing an e-liquid or a vape mod for instance, please adopt an objective tone and give both sides of the argument. Say the things that you like and do not like about an e-liquid or a vape mod for example.
  • Abuse: please ensure to maintain a professional tone that is free of profanity, hate or abuse. If you do not like something about a product or an idea, please say so but in a civil manner.
  • YouTube videos: you are allowed to embed YouTube videos should you need to, but please ensure that the video is relevant to the topic you are writing about.
  • Uploading Images: Please ensure that you use our house style for formatting your images. For example, the featured blog image has to be 1800 x 1000
  • Social Media: you are encourage to share your e-liquid reviews, blog posts and all other vape reviews on your social media channels. From time to time, we will share your noteworthy and popular blog posts on our social media channels.
  • Frequency of Posting: you should aim to create a schedule for all of your guest blog posts. It is important to have some structure to your posts. We normally advise our guest vape bloggers to post at least once a week, but you can post more frequently.
  • Structure your Blog Posts: ensure that you use H1 to H4 headings and bullet points to give structure and coherence to your blog posts. An unstructured vape guest blog post will prove to be less engaging than a well structured one.
  • Make Your Photos / Videos: we strongly recommend that you use your smartphone or a professional camera to make pictures of e-liquid, vape mods, e-cigarette starter kits of whatever else it is that you are reviewing. Photos made by your will be more engaging than manufacturer's photos which are intended mostly for advertising.
Some Tip on Livening Up Your Guest Vape Posts

You can introduce some context from your life and your environment. For example, it is perfectly fine for you to mention Brexit in the context of e-liquid pricing for example and the fact that e-liquid is now more expensive due to the depreciation of the GBP. However, please do not digress - striking the right balance is key.

Why You Should Write for The Eliquid Boutique

  • International Reach: The Eliquid Boutique has a truly international reach with thousands of REAL daily website visitors. This means that your vape posts would get plenty of views!
  • Friendly Team: The Eliquid Boutique is especially renowned for its inclusive and friendly culture. We understand that it is challenging starting out as a guest vape blogger and therefore, our designated marketing and SEO department will provide you with assistance and support to help you to succeed as a vape blogger.

Hiring Content Writers

If you are a business owner and do not have the time to write a quality guest post but would like to have your vape or CBD business featured on our website, we recommend that you check out Sweaty Quid Freelancer Site where you can hire freelance content writers.

How to Apply to Become A Vape Guest Blogger

Given that you have read this far, you are obviously interested in becoming a vape guest blogger with The Eliquid Boutique. Click the green button below to get closer to your dream of becoming a vape blogger. If you cannot see the green button, please click here to apply to become a guest vape blogger