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Global Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Platform 

Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, premium e liquid wholesale platform. At The Eliquid Boutique we supply many vape shops in USA, UK and across the world with leading and new premium e-liquid brands from California and parts of the USA. Are you tired of looking up new e-liquid brands? Are you wasting a lot of time and effort on placing individual orders with each e-liquid brand? This is going to change. At The Eliquid Boutique, we provide a global platform to thousands of vape shops around the world where they can choose from hundreds of USA and UK e-liquid brands and place one order directly with us. We will then take care of all the mechanics to order the e-liquid for you. Due to our strong relationship with hundreds of premium e-liquid brands, we are able to offer you a wide assortment of premium UK and USA e-liquid brands.

One-Stop-Shop for Premium E-Liquid Wholesale

Premium E Liquid Wholesale in USA and UKSince 2013, we have acquired a large network of vape shops from across the globe. At The Eliquid Boutique, we provide a one-stop-shop turnkey solutions whereby vape shops can order premium e-liquid brands directly with us instead of buying e-liquid from each individual brand. Due to our relationship with e-liquid brands and manufacturers as well as our economies of scale, we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on premium USA and UK e-liquid. Every week we place very large orders with each e-liquid company. Collectively, this gives us lower prices, which we pass on to vape shops. This actually makes it cheaper for vape shops to buy directly from us as opposed to going to each e-liquid manufacturer individually.





Ordering E-Liquid Made Easy & Fast with Our Wholesale Premium E-Liquid Platform

Wholesale Premium E-Liquid USA and UKPrior to our existence, many vape shops had to order their e-liquids directly from each e-liquid company. This made ordering very laborious, time consuming and expensive. Moreover, many vape shops missed the less known brands due to the problems of locating them online. Fortunately, The Eliquid Boutique simplifies the entire e-liquid ordering process. Our team is keeping a constant pulse on the latest e-liquids on the market. We then conduct our due diligence on new e-liquid brands and, if they cut the muster, we add them to our global Premium E-Liquid Wholesale platform. Vape Shops are then able to come on our website and get an overview of all e-liquid brands on the market and choose the ones they want to stock.

Choose from Hundreds of Leading UK and USA E-Liquid Lines

Premium E Liquid Wholesale in California, USA and UKWe do not just sell a couple of premium e-liquid brands. We are constantly updating our wholesale premium e-liquid platform to bring the latest and exciting e-liquid brands. Each time a vape shop visits our website, it is sure to find something new and refreshing. Many vape shops have reported that this helps them to maintain high levels of customer interest as there is always something fresh at their vape shops.  We are adding new e-liquid lines on a weekly basis so be sure to visit our online wholesale e-liquid platform to check what is new. You can also follow us on our social media channels to see the latest e-liquid additions.

Excellent Customer Service

Premium E Liquid Wholesale USA and UKOur team is always on standby to help all of our clients. Whether you want to place an order, enquire about a new e-liquid line or have a question, our team is sure to provide you with useful advice as and when you require it. Moreover, in order to see how an e-liquid brand is performing, you can always view our latest and real customer reviews for each e-liquid flavour. This will enable you to pick out the best-selling e-liquids as well as give you a valuable insight into vaper preferences.

Fresh Premium E-liquid Made To Order

Premium E Liquid Wholesale California USA and UKPlease note that we do not hold an e-liquid stock simply because we want to ensure that our customers receive fresh e-liquid that has not been sitting in a warehouse for months. Once you have placed an order with us, your e-liquid will be produced at source and sent out to you by each respective e-liquid company. This will ensure that your e-liquid is fresh at all times. In terms of steeping, if your e-liquid is being sent out from the USA, it is likely to steep whilst it is in transit.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Ordering process and How it Works

Premium E Liquid Wholesale USA and UKAll of our e-liquid orders are placed online. Please note that each e-liquid brand is dispatched and sent to you directly from the manufacturer, which means that each e-liquid brand will incur an additional shipping charge. Do not worry! Due to our large purchasing power, we are still able to secure extremely competitive prices, which will still be cheaper than ordering your e-liquid directly from each e-liquid company. Please note that the delivery dates will vary depending on what e-liquid brands you order and from where.

Our Premium E-Liquid Stock Does Not Run Out

Premium E Liquid Wholesale USA and UKDon’t you just hate when an Premium E-Liquid Wholesaler runs out of e-juice lines? Fortunately, this is not the case with us. Since we place collective orders with each e-liquid company, we cannot run out of stock since all e-liquid is made to order. This will help you to get all of your e-liquid lines when you need them and avoid disappointment.

Stringent Quality and Health and Safety Standards

Premium E Liquid Wholesale USA and UKWhilst we carry many premium e-liquid lines, this does not mean that anyone can get into The Eliquid Boutique online Premium E-Liquid Wholesale portal. Our team conduct a very stringent selection procedure by engaging in a tick box exercise to ensure that an e-liquid brands performs across all areas ranging from compliance, testing, ingredients, image, quality and more. When ordering from The Eliquid Boutique, you can be sure to receive only the highest quality e-liquid. We strictly do not accept any home or garage made e-liquid. We only source e-liquid that is made in a cleanroom and regulated laboratory environment.

Insights into E-Liquid Brands

Premium E Liquid Wholesale UK and USAAt The Eliquid Boutique, we value all of our customers. We regularly share the latest e-liquid purchasing trends and new developments on the vaping market to help vape shops to keep abreast with these developments. These insights are very helpful in helping to inform purchasing decisions of vape shops. For example, we are in a prime position to inform vape shops on the best-selling as well as new premium e-liquid brands. Vape shops then use these statistics to decide on the perfect e-liquid portfolio that will work for them. This revolutionary approach has helped us to boost the competitiveness and profitability of countless number of vape shops!

Global Premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Platform

Premium E Liquid Wholesale UK, USA and RussiaSince we place custom orders with each Premium E-Liquid Wholesaler and manufacturer, we are not constrained by borders. This allows us to serve vape shops from different corners of the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Russia and other parts. The shipping charge will be calculated on your location. So even if you are based in the USA and want to order USA e-liquid, this is not a problem since the shipping cost will be the same as ordering directly from USA!






Do You Have An E-Liquid Brand?

Premium Eliquid Wholesale USA, UK and RussiaIf you have an e-liquid brand that you would like to make available to thousands of vape shops in USA, UK and the rest of the world, please get in touch now! As a premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesaler, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting e-liquid brands. Following our initial assessment of your e-liquid brand, we are going to make a decision typically within one or two weeks. By adding your e-liquid brand to The Eliquid Boutique premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale platform, you will receive an opportunity to see your e-liquid brands in literally hundreds of vape shops in no time. Once we have added your e-liquid to our online Premium E-Liquid Wholesale platform, we will send an update to all the vape shops. This can produce phenomenal results in no time. Also, since we work with many vape shops, we have established an element of trust, which will be easier to get your e-liquid into vape shops. However, note that we maintain very high standards and as such, you will need to satisfy our due diligence exercise to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest levels of standards across all boards.

Here is How Our Online Premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Platform has Helped Vape Shops

Online Premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in USA and UKBefore I came across The Eliquid Boutique, I would place my e-liquid orders with each e-liquid brand individually. Mind you, this was not easy because most e-liquid companies had very high MOQs and as a vape shop, I simply wanted to carry many e-liquid brands simply to give my customers a good mix of different e-liquid brands. This meant that I could realistically afford to order only a handful of e-liquid brands. I would err on the side of caution and order only the most popular brands that were sure to sell. However, the catch with that was that my customers became tired of the mainstream brands. However, I simply could not afford to take the risk of ordering less known brands least they should not sell. When I came across The Eliquid Boutique, everything changed. I was now able to order MANY e-liquid brands since The Eliquid Boutique offered me very low MOQs, extremely low prices and excellent customer support. I am now able to order all my e-liquids from The Eliquid Boutique. This saves me a tremendous amount of time which I am able to focus on my clients and other aspects of running my vape shop”. Andrew, 300 Vape Shop

Online Premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in USA and UKThe Eliquid Boutique makes the e-liquid process extremely easy. All I have to do is pick my e-liquid brands and flavours, add them to a basket and checkout. The e-liquids then arrive to my vape shop generally within a week or two. Of course, it would be great if the e-liquids would be readily available. To overcome this problem, I simply plan my stock and order two weeks in advance. I have to pay for shipping from each respective manufacturer, but I have calculated this to be cheaper than ordering the e-liquids myself because The Eliquid Boutique is able to achieve the cost-savings through bulk buying that I would not otherwise be able to achieve myself. The team at The Eliquid Boutique is very friendly and supportive”. Laura, Two Birds Vape Store

Online Premium Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in USA and UKWhat attracted me to The Eliquid Boutique is low prices and impressive variety of e-liquid brands. The ability to order literally hundreds of different e-liquid brands has given my vape store a real boost. My customers are very impressed with e-liquid variety which is something that draws them in almost on a daily basis. Having many e-liquid brands not only maintains good levels of client interest, but it also increases my revenue because more frequent visits equal to greater revenues. I have nothing but praise for The Eliquid Boutique!”- Evgenii, Mist Vape Shop