Most Effective Vape Shop Advertising

Do you run a local vape shop? Would you like to see more customers come in through the doors? We can make this happen. We have developed our very own lead generation system for local vape businesses such as vape shops. We create a lead generation website with a page for every single post code / zip code and area name plus your keyword. For example, if you run a vape shop in London, we would create a page with the keywords "vape shop" and then include every possible post code and area. The number of pages of each lead generating website could run into tens of thousands. Once a user searches for a vape shop in their area, our lead generation website is most likely to come top of page 1. Now, the beauty is that when a person clicks on our lead generation website, they will see your website. To achieve this, we use an overlaying process whereby we add an overlay to your website on the lead generation website. What this method does is leverages a lot of power from local searches. As you can appreciate, not every post code and area has a vape shop. Therefore, by dominating every single post code of your surrounding area, you can win over new clients in a flash. 


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