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Vape SEO And Marketing Package for Vape Shops

Why Choose Our Vape SEO And Marketing Package for Vape Shops

Our team of vape SEO experts have put together a special Vape SEO And Marketing Package for Vape Shops that is truly one-of-a-kind and is not available anywhere else. This SEO package encompasses an SEO and marketing strategy that is geared towards local marketing. You can tailor each element of this vape SEO package by selecting options that work best for your vape shop and your budget. At The Eliquid Boutique, we go above and beyond all other SEO companies and our 100% focus on the vape industry gives us an unparalleled advantage to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Simply choose your options and proceed to checkout. We will then get in touch with you with a list of things we require from you. We will then work on your vape shop's SEO for an entire month.

What You Will Get With Our Vape SEO And Marketing Package for Vape Shops

Backlinks from Our Private Vape Blog Network 

Over the past five years, we have built up over 20,000 vape, e-liquid, e-cigarette, vape mod and vape review blogs. We are constantly posting new content to these blogs which is increasing their power on a daily basis. Our team of vape SEO experts will create contextual backlinks across our entire vape blog network. We will embed your images and YouTube videos into each blog to increase the ranking power of your images and videos. If you do not have YouTube videos, we will use vape-related YouTube videos. We use a safe anchor text ratio (90% generic and 10% money keyword ratio) which is in line with the current SEO standards. We also use a process of tiered link building which in simple terms means that tier 1 vape blogs will link to your website, tier 2 vape blogs will link to tier 1 vape blogs, tier 3 vape blogs will link to tier 2 vape blogs and so on. This helps to pass ranking power all the way to your website by strengthening your backlinks. Once we have completed your campaigns, we will then manually submit each backlink for indexing with Google. Backlinks are extremely important for vape shop websites since they are a major ranking factor that determine how well a vape shop ranks. However, not all backlinks are equal and only high-quality and contextual backlinks from the vape niche will produce the desired results. 

Lead Generation for Your Local Vape Shop

How would you like to attract new customers from your local area? This is now possible using our secret method that is unique to us. We will create a mass website with thousands of pages targeting every single post code / zip code and area in your region. For example, if you run a vape shop in London, we will use the keyword "vape shop in" and then create a page for every post code and area near your vape shop. This will help to bring customers from your local area. When a customer searches for a vape shop in their area, they will come across our website and once they click on it, they will see YOUR website. We achieve this using an overlaying process whereby we add an overlay of your website to this lead generation website. This is a highly effective way of lead generation for vape shop because it leverages on local searches. Our team of vape SEO experts will create and optimise pages for every single area (users will not see these pages, only your website). We will use a unique domain and host this lead generation website on our server. If your website uses an SSL certificate then we can also add an SSL certificate to the lead generation website. Attract new vapers from your local area to your vape shop today!

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