Planning to bid goodbyes with your tobacco partners? Our nicotine shots can help you immensely.

Our thrilling e-liquid flavors with nicotine shots are a love combo for most vapers out there! We offer a diverse range of nicotine shots with different strengths but 18mg -the ideal extent for every nicotine affectionate vaper nowadays is our best-selling. We also offer various PG/VG ratios to suit various devices.

For those who don’t know, the two main elements of nicotine shot, PG & VG, have diverse ratios in various nicotine eliquids. If you are using a mod, go with a greater PG ratio, but for a low-powered device, the PG/VG ratio better be equal.

Our Nic shots have an invigorating packaging initially from brands like Aspire, Dinner Lady, Smok, Vaporesso, etc. that are known for the quality and excitement they create. 

If you are new to vaping, here is good news for you. Your 60ml eliquid comes with a 10ml of free space for you to adjust nic shots. Thus, you can create your own nic strengths. 

As the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive of 2016 does not allow an e-liquid to be sold with more than 10ml quantity, thus, different brands have come up with categories of short fills and nicotine shots, available at The Eliquid Boutique, hence the vapers can have a 60ml e-liquid by mixing a 50ml short fill with a 10 ml nicotine shot.

Customize Your Nicotine Strength

You can elicit the smoother and bigger clouds from the nicotine shots provided by The Eliquid Boutique having 70:30 ratios of VG and PG respectively. Moreover, nic shots with 100% VG or PG are also available. Customize your nicotine strength and make a tang of your preferred taste.

Durable Container

Containers of our products whether e-juices or nicotine shots carry a durable structure that is easy to handle along with a childproof cap. Our products can be easily shipped anywhere without the hazard of disintegrating. You can carry them when traveling without worrying about leakages or loss. These durable containers are also the reason that these nic shots last as long as you want them to. 

Tamper- Evident Seal

We have maintained a set of cultured and refined standards to serve our customers and give them an incredible vaping experience. On our nicotine shots as well as any e-juice we offer, we place a tamper-evident seal to ensure safety from leakage and to provide the prospects with 100% guaranteed product. 

Partnered with the best, we offer a massive range of nicotine shots available in a variety of sizes and packaging. Browse through the aromas to get your desired nicotine shot and enjoy the tailored vaping adventure ever!