Efest - Vape Batteries And Charger 

The Eliquid Boutique brings you the most powerful and safest power options for your vapes - the Efest batteries and chargers for vape mods. What could be worst for a vaper than his vape’s battery running low right when he needs it the most. To keep your vape running, you need a battery needless to say the most reliable and heavy-duty. Living in the UK is expensive but your escape from the harsh realities -the vape, can be super cheap, offering you joy and relaxation at an affordable rate. So, you do not have to keep draining your money over your vape kits or other parts particularly batteries.

Lasting And Reliable

Efest batteries have been satisfying vapers for years with their reliable performance and durable built, which makes them one of the most demanded batteries in the global vape community. They are sure to be there whenever needed. To further ensure availability and convenience, these batteries come with a variety of charging options. Thus, you can recharge them instantly wherever needed.

Easy Identification  

Efest batteries can be easily identified with their attractive purple cover that gives them an attractive appeal and protects them from external damage.

Affordable And Versatile

Here at the The Eliquid Boutique, you can find the longest lasting Efest batteries and chargers at the most affordable rates. We have a wide range of these batteries to ensure a constant supply wherever and whenever you need them. We currently offer Efest imr 18650 3000 MAH 35A -the king of the vape batteries. Designed with a versatile style, imr 18650 is the most popular type of battery used in vapes as it easily fits various vape sizes. The piano wires spring makes it super easy to insert and remove the battery.

Heavy-Duty Chargers

What would you do when your battery runs out? Charge it!

And where to get a charger from? The Eliquid Boutique, Duh!!

We offer Efest xsmart chargers that don exceptional safety features, making them a reliable option for most users. It has an auto-stop which ceases the power supply as soon as the battery is full.

Efest soda dual battery charger is a super quick and highly upgraded vape battery charger. It charges two batteries at a time and can be adjusted between the two charging options -rapid and normal, which gives you exceptional control over the charging speed. Both the charging slots are completely independent with separate LED indicators.  

Regular Updates

We regularly update our product category to keep it equipped with the most upgraded batteries and chargers in town, ensuring to offer you the latest versions of all the products.

The Eliquid Boutique acquires all of the offered products right from the original brands to provide you with nothing genuine and quality products with added convenience. Hence, we assure you that every single penny you spend at The Eliquid Boutique is invested in the products that will benefit you for a long time.  

To further enquire about the availability of Efest batteries and chargers you can reach out to our customer services ready to serve you 24/7.