Yummy Apple - Premium E-Liquid by E-Luxe London - 3mg nicotine - 70vg 30pg

Yummy Appleis a cloudchaser (70VG to 30PG). But it's also full a flavour. The flavour of, well, yummy apple. On inhale you get the crisp taste of apple. Not one type specifically. It's more the essence of the fruit itself. Sweet, sometimes tangy, and always exhilarating. As you progress to midway through, you'll notice a transition to something sweeter. It's apple dessert. Maybe apple pie. Maybe apple crumble. And then it starts to fade away. But by then you are approaching the finish. On exhale, it's a bit of apple. And, of course, a whole lot of cloud.

E-Luxe makes products that are a class above. Through calculated care. First, we have strict laboratory conditions. And high standards. Real high. Not to mention quality checks from start to finish (and full TPD compliance). And one more thing. Our ingredients are always the best, and always from here in the UK and EU. Choosing E-Luxe means choosing a track record of proven quality. And we plan to stay on that track. Always.

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