Virginia Tobacco Blend - Premium E-Liquid by E-Luxe London - 3mg nicotine - 50vg 50pg

Virginia Tobacco is a classic taste. And our Virginia Tobacco Blendis no different. To talk about the taste we have to go back to the start. On inhale, it's the immediate satisfaction of tobacco. The taste of slow cured leaves, toasted over gentle fire. A technique used for generations. Because it works. And it's the best. Midway through, the taste continues to roll through different notes. Because the slow roasted tobacco has layers of flavour. And you can enjoy discovering each one. As you exhale, you are left with a rich warmth. One that will last longer than you'd think.

The ratio is 50VG to 50PG. Rich in flavour, and rich in vapour. And that's how it will always be. Because E-Luxe has consistently high standards (fully TPD compliant). And consistently strict laboratory conditions. Not to mention consistent quality checks. And we consistently select on the best ingredients, from right here in the UK and EU. This consistency is why we guarantee more than a good product. We guarantee a great one. If you're looking for a class above, you've found it.

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