Luscious Lychee - Premium E-Liquid by E-Luxe London - 3mg nicotine - 50vg 50pg

Luscious Lycheeis a flavour you'll find nowhere else. Because the taste of Lychee is entirely unique. It's a truly exotic and beautiful fruit, and the taste will leave you craving more. On inhale, you're hit with a juicy blast of light sweetness, and subtle tartness. Before you can figure out which is more potent, a new flavour jumps to the forefront. Because midway through, sweet floral fragrance takes center stage. And this new, lush sweetness stays right to the finish.

The ratio? 50VG to 50PG. The craftsmanship? Masterful. Because we use high quality everything from start to finish. Like our industry leading laboratories. And our industry leading standards. And our top of the line ingredients, sourced from the UK and EU. Not to mention constant quality checks, and full TPD compliance. When you consider all that, it's no surprise E-Luxe creates such a quality product. Because when you work the hardest, you get a class above.

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