Key Lime - Premium E-Liquid by E-Luxe London - 3mg nicotine - 70vg 30pg

At 70VG to 30PG, Key Limeis meant for cloudchasing. And it's perfect for it. But don't worry. It doesn't sacrifice flavour in exchange. On inhale you get the rejuvenating taste of fresh lime. It's that tangy sweetness you're used to. Whether it's garnishing a drink, or squeezed onto a salad. Midway through, the sweetness opens up. And now we've arrived. It's the lovely taste of key lime pie. The perfect summer dessert. Hints of lime. Hints of sugar. And a whole lot of synergy. Then, as you exhale, the cloudchasing qualities become known. You are left with a bit of lime, and quite a bit of vapour.

E-Luxe products are made under strict laboratory conditions. And this product is no different. But great labs aren't sufficient enough to guarantee quality. That's why we also have high standards. And frequent quality checks with full TPD compliance. Not to mention we only use the finest ingredients available, all from the UK and EU. That's how we achieve the great quality we're known for. And we promise to keep it that way.

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