Apple and Strawberry Salad - Premium E-Liquid by E-Luxe London - 3mg nicotine - 50vg 50pg

Does Apple & Strawberry Salad taste like apple mixed with strawberry? Or strawberry mixed with apple? The answer is yes--to both. On inhale, you are greeted with crisp apple and sweet strawberry. Initially, the two flavours seem to compete for your attention. First apple, then strawberry. Or maybe strawberry, then apple. But midway through, they come together. Now it gets exciting. This unity creates a unique blend of delicious fruity sweetness. It's the refreshing hint of wild apple, with the rich taste of summer strawberry. There happens to be nothing quite like it. And that's why it works. On exhale, the energetic notes of fruit calm down. But only a little. Just enough to leave you ready for more.

 At 50VG to 50PG, vapour and taste are in harmony. And with E-Luxe, they always will be. Because we have strict laboratory conditions. And use only high quality ingredients--always sourced from the UK or EU. Our quality checks occur often, and at every stage. And with full TPD compliance, every product is pampered from start to finish. E-Luxe promises superior quality. And that's what we deliver.
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