E-Luxe Cloud Chaser E-Liquid - High VG E-Juice for Vaping

E-Luxe Cloud Chaser E-Liquid Range: Smooth, Thick and Sweet Clouds

E-Luxe cloud chaser e-liquid comes in four exciting flavours: I C Cola, Yummy Apple, Orange Jelly and Key Lime pie. E-Luxe high VG e-juice for vaping is made using a 70VG and 30PG proportion, which makes it ideal for drippers, cloudchasers, box mods, vape tanks and other advanced vape mods.


Here is Why E-Luxe High VG E-Juice for Vaping is Every Cloud Chaser's Preferred Brand

E-Luxe cloud chaser e-liquid range is manufactured, bottled and steeped to perfection at our ISO Class 7 accredited clean room facilities that house state-of-the-art vape machinery. Every bottle of E-Luxe high VG e-juice for vaping is made using UK and USA sourced e-liquid flavourings, pharma-grade Nicotine (compliant with EP and USP specification). During the steeping process, each flavour is steeped in layers in order to bring out exceptionally complex and great tasting flavours. All E-Luxe cloud chaser e-liquid is compliant with the UK Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) laws and regulations. E-Luxe high VG e-juice for vaping comes in white, child proof caps. To ensure the quality of every single E-Luxe bottle, we operate a stringent and rigorous quality management system whereby we demand the highest quality and results from our suppliers. 

Some Fun Facts About E-Luxe Cloud Chaser E-Liquid

Every bottle of E-Luxe e-liquid features copies of paintings by a famous artist prepared exclusively for E-Luxe. E-Luxe premium e-liquid brand has featured in many vape exhibitions around the world, vape magazines and even famous music videos. E-Luxe cloudchaser e-liquid has developed a reputation to give straightforward flavours very complex, refined and smooth character.