The Eliquid boutique brings you the best e-liquid collection in the entire UK. We have a wide range of branded e-liquids that are highly in demand around the world. You’ll be thrilled with our routinely updated collections that will give you something new to try each time.

At The Eliquid Boutique, we aim to bring the vape community closer by bridging the gap between different vapes and eliquids around the globe. True to this endeavor, we have brought you the finest of eliquids from Australian land all the way to the UK -The Bogan Brews.

Bogan Brews is one of the major eliquid producers that offer some of the most refreshing and enjoyable variety of eliquids for vapers to devour. Its rejuvenating flavors will take all your worries away leaving you with a calm and relaxed mind to better deal with the realities, instead of messing up under pressure, which is one big reason for vaping for a lot of people.

Why Bogan Brews?

Bogan Brews by the vaping bogan originated in the bogan capital of Australia -Adelaide, South Australia. The hands and mind behind these strong, mind-clearing flavors are of the bogan himself who wanted to give the world the real taste of bogan Australian vape. These hand-made flavors are the best for advanced vapers, craving for strong flavors that jerk up their tastebuds.

Saying they are made to awaken the real bogan in you won’t be wrong. Breathing in the finest quality ingredients guarantee an unmatched vaping joy that’ll last for a lifetime. Here is another good news; the Bogan Brew’s strong blends, unlike most others, are not loaded with sweeteners and hence do not damage your coil. So sip ‘em without shame!

Our Collection

There are two types of vapers -always looking for something new and sticking to one flavor for a lifetime. Whichever you are, we have some of the best options for you. With a timely upgraded collection, we keep our vapers updated on new tastes and variations so they don’t miss out on anything. Bloody Ripper, The Ducks Nuts, Ridge Didge, Fair Dinkum, Stix N Out, Coorong Cola are some of the best-selling Bogan Brews eliquids available in our collection.

The cool pineapple, the sour raspberry, the cherry doughnut, the sweet sugar cookie, juicy apple, peach, and berry – every puff is a breath of fun and joy.

Note: All the flavors are available in 50 ML bottles. Want more? Buy two, simple!


With the aim to serve all of our fellow vapers alike, we at The Eliquid Boutique have something for everybody. Our affordable range of Bogan Brew eliquids offers you the original taste of bogan vape at the most affordable rates that particularly do not dent your pocket.

So, now you can escape from the stressful reality at prices lower than ever before.

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