Aspire BVC Replacement Vape Coils 5 Pack

Aspire BVC Replacement Coils - Bottom Vertical Coils - 5 PacknThese are fornAspire ViVi Nova-S BDC GlassnAspire ViVi Nova BDCnAspire Mini ViVi Nova-S BDC GlassnAspire Mini ViVi Nova BDCnAspire ET ET-S ET-S Glass BDCnAspire CE5 CE5-S BDCnAnyVape Davide BDCnAnyVape Mini Davide BDCnYou have a choice of 1.6 and Omega 1.8 and Omega 2.1 and OmeganIts recommended by Aspire to use the 1.6 and Omega coils if you are using a standard non-variable voltage battery. If you are using variable voltage battery then you can use the 1.8 and Omega if you prefer more throat hit or 1.8 and Omega if you prefer a smoother vape.nTo change coil you need to turn clearomiser upside down, unscrew the base, unscrew the coil head, then just screw in the new one and continue vaping. The Aspire coils have been known to last around 2 weeks or sometimes more, just change when you start losing flavour.

Brand : Aspire
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