Artist Collection E-Liquids is a specialty line of eLiquids crafted in partnership with NJOY which is a leading fighter against tobacco, by leading artists and figures in the vaping industry. Having created a specialty line of exclusive and exquisite products, they are bound to stir the curiosity of vapers all around the world, to know, feel and experience ideas of these characteristic figures in the industry. The boxes come with the face of the artist behind the creation of the particular flavour with his/her name etched on it in a very graffiti like portrait while the bottle is much more minimalistic brandishing only the flavour and the artist's name on it. Its lineup consists of five flavours: Sacré Coeur, Hedon's Bite, Dragon Scape, Para Mour and Samba Sun. The bottles come in only 60ml while the nicotine contents are limited to 0mg, 6mg and 18mg. 


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