Apothecary Tonics are a brand which revives the vapers from their monotonous flavours and the feeling that their tastebuds no longer tingle at the taste of their usual flavours. Apothecary state that their "Tonics" will cure all these ailments of the vaping community by providing them an instant cure and waking them up from this monotone. It can be observed that they've taken this ideology really serious from their label. It is a functional, script-looking label which consists of the brand name, flavour name and the taste notes. They also have a huge lineup of 10 flavours which covers almost all notes of flavours. Some of them are: Syrup of Mangalore, Wonder Tonic, Atomic Nostrum, Antiben etc. The bottles come in only 30ml. The nicotine contents, however, are an option between 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. 


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