Adult Geared eLiquid or AGE for short is a company based off Denver, Colorado. The 60ml bottles (only ones they come in) are designed keeping functionality and "funk" in mind. It portrays the message but its not too flashy about it. The labels just consist of the name of the brand and the flavour. They come with the motto "The cigarette is dead." The brand implies the growth of the smoking population from old fashioned death traps of cigarettes to the modern and much safer vapes. Whats more, one can show off more style with vapes. And this is exactly what AGE portals. Modern functionality. They come in four flavours: Wayside, Colfax, Peach Custard and Watermelon Delight. They also come with a nicotine content of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

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