Buy Vape Mods UK, Best Box Mods, Vape Starter Kits, Vape Coils, Tanks

The Eliquid Boutique is delighted to bring you a variety of vaping mods to enhance your vaping experience to levels you’d have never witnessed before. No matter what your vaping style is, we have the perfect vaping mod for you.

Among the variety of vape mods available in the market, we offer an extensive range of box mods. The box-shaped design of vape mods allows for more battery space, offering a more lasting enjoyable experience than a vape pen. What’s a vaping mod without an outstanding battery life and customizable features! And guess what? The box mods are all about power and customization.  

The box mods available at The Eliquid Boutique are top-notch and enclose all the advanced features to avoid any kind of hindrance. Our vaping mods offer you the flexibility to control the temperature levels according to your vaping needs. These vaping mods also allow for swap vape tanks, and RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizer) providing you even more room for customization. Thus, these mods can perfectly fit your explicit style and personality.

Long-Lasting And Durable

Our range of vape mods is the longest lasting you’ll find in the UK. With amazing brand partners like Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, Smok, and Efest, we are able to guarantee quality and durability. Invest in them once and chill for a long time before paying again for a part or repair. To further keep them running we offer powerful batteries and chargers that will ensure you have your best friend whenever needed.


Have a tight budget? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The Eliquid Boutique understands your vaping needs and offers you the most popular vaping mods in the UK at a very economical price. Our motive is to deliver you the perfect vaping mod that you can easily afford without giving up on other expenses. Thus, we provide you a range of vaping kits that provides quality and affordability without scraping your bank account.

Ergonomic And Pleasing Design

The Eliquid Boutique takes care of your comfort and hand feel, while you are vaping. We are offering you a range of popular vaping mods that are designed to provide you the perfect fit and comfort when you hold your vaping mod. Here we also offer you vaping mods that have RGB backlights and are encompassed with pleasing colors. Our beautifully designed vaping mods with soothing colors look delightful and fascinating in your hand.

Travel Friendly

What adds more value to vaping mods than travel friendliness? We have something for our traveling buddies too!

At The Eliquid Boutique, we know exactly how much of a necessity your vape can be while on the go. And we are here to satisfy that. We offer travel-friendly vape mods that can easily fit in a restricted place and are dustproof, waterproof, as well as shockproof so the weather can't spoil your vaping experience. These features qualify the vaping mods to be used even when you are hiking. Yes! You read that right! EVEN WHEN HIKING!!