What Are The Main Medical Benefits Of Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates

May 15, 2018 4 min read

What are the Main Medical Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates   The fact that vaping is healthier than smoking is fairly well known and acknowledged by all and sundry. This reality is at the crux of the increasing popularity of electronic cigare

What are the Main Medical Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The fact that vaping is healthier than smoking is fairly well known and acknowledged by all and sundry. This reality is at the crux of the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes. However, the benefits of vaping are not confined to e-cigarettes using varying strengths of nicotine. Vaping or vaporizing is actually more beneficial when you use marijuana. Traditionally, marijuana or cannabis have been rolled in joints and smoked. Many people would use marijuana in foods and drinks. Vaporizing has more medical benefits than smoking and consuming marijuana in foods and beverages.

What are Marijuana Concentrates?

Marijuana or cannabis has always been sold as herbs or dry herbs and that is still the case today. Many people prefer dry herbal blends, which are essentially a combination of different grades of cannabis and at times mixed with other herbs for flavor or aroma. Marijuana concentrates are not dry herbs or herbal blends. They are oils or waxes. You will hear many alternate names such as honey oil, ear wax, budder, dabs, shatter, black glass and others. Basically, marijuana concentrates are made from the active ingredients found in the herbs or cannabis. The volatile aromatic compounds and other active ingredients are extracted from the herbs and they are distilled to form a liquid in case of oils and semisolid or substantially viscous liquid in case of wax.

Marijuana concentrates are more potent than herbs or cannabis. They have more THC or tetrahydrocannabinol per unit than the content in per unit of dry herbs. You can take any unit for reference and marijuana oils or waxes will be more potent, which is why they are called concentrates. Some concentrates are distilled four or five times to be exponentially more potent. According to most studies that have delved into concentrates, they have been found to be 30% to 50% more potent than dry herbs or cannabis.

Popularity of Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates have become phenomenally popular in recent years. There are many reasons for that and the medical benefits are the most significant. Before we delve into the main medical benefits of vaporizing marijuana concentrates, let us quickly check the other reasons for the unprecedented popularity.

Marijuana concentrates are more potent so they offer a satiating experience for even those who have been smoking cannabis for decades. Concentrates are easier to deal with as there is no cleaning necessary. The self contained units are easy to install, remove and replace. Concentrates come in a plethora of flavors and different levels of strength. People can opt for less potent concentrates and one can try any flavor, ranging from classic tobacco to chocolate, fruits to desserts, mints to a combination of different blends. There are also various types of vaporizers, mostly portable, that are available nowadays. The widespread availability and affordability of such vaporizers have also contributed to the popularity of marijuana concentrates.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana Concentrates

The most important medical benefit of marijuana concentrates is the absence of toxins as you vape the substance. This is similar to the benefits of vaporizing as compared to the ill effects of smoking. When you smoke marijuana, you are effectively burning the herbs and you are taking in all the toxins that are produced by combustion. There is carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and various other chemicals. When you vaporize marijuana concentrates, there is no smoke. You are taking in vapor. There is no alarming carbon monoxide content in the vapor. There is no tar or any other irritant that would trouble your lungs or respiratory tract. You get to realize the benefits of marijuana without the health risks of smoking.

The second most important medical benefit of marijuana concentrates is the impact. Medical marijuana is recommended in a plethora of instances. You may want to reduce and manage pain caused by an injury, any musculoskeletal condition including arthritis, sciatica or fibromyalgia, any nerve condition or a lifestyle disease. You may have been prescribed medical marijuana to manage stress and anxiety, hypertension and specific psychological problems. Whether the remedy is for a physical problem or a psychological concern, the impact of marijuana concentrates is much more profound and immediate as compared to herbs. As mentioned earlier, marijuana concentrates have much more THC per unit than herbs or dry herbal blends. Hence, the active compounds kick in sooner and with much more effect than what you would derive by smoking cannabis or even by vaporizing marijuana in its herb form.

Marijuana concentrates are odorless but flavorful. They will not have any foul smell filling up the room. Yet, they will have a flavor of your choice. This helps as medical marijuana is often needed to have a therapeutic effect. A combination of the active compounds in marijuana and an infused flavor will enhance the therapeutic effect of the concentrates. Everyone has some favorite flavors. Marijuana concentrates come in dozens of distinct flavors and you can choose the ones that will calm you down, enhance your pleasure and eventually be more effective than ordinary marijuana or unflavored concentrates.

Marijuana concentrates don’t take much time to produce enough vapors. They are not at risk of getting burnt so vaporizers can heat them up at high temperatures and quickly produce the vapor you need. This saves time. Since the concentrates are more potent, you don’t need to use too much of it in every session. The concentrates end up lasting longer than dry herbs or herbal blends. You don’t need to prolong a session unnecessarily because the effects kick in quite soon. This is pleasant in many ways. One, you won’t vape excessively. Two, you will save money since you don’t have to use up all the herbs, the entire oil or wax to derive the benefits.

Finally, marijuana concentrates eliminate the need to smoke and to consume cannabis in other forms. You don’t need to orally consume cannabis. You don’t need to burn cannabis ever. Vaporizing medical concentrates would offer instant pain relief, reduce anxiety and hypertension, help you relax and sleep better, enhance your appetite and also aid in recovery from physical and psychological conditions.

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