Vaping Jargon and Terms Glossary

May 09, 2017 3 min read

Vaping Jargon and Terms Glossary

By Ksenia Sobchak

Vaping has become somewhat of a hobby enjoyed and celebrated by a lot of people. As with many things, some terms and phrases are hard to understand unless you're speaking with a community of fellow vapers. We can start you off here with our vaping jargon and terms glossary.

401,510,801,901: Common threading types for batteries, personal vapes or advanced  personal     vapes.

ADV: All Day Vape

APV: "Advanced Personal Vape" Usually refers to someone's heavily moded vape.

Analog: Non electronic cigarette

Atomizer (atty): The component of the vape that producers the vapour.

B&M: "Brick and Mortar" this indication is for shops that one can visit in person.

Battery: Power source for e-cig.

Blend: Ratio of Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin in a bottle of e-liquid

Box Mod: A vape shaped like a box.

Cartomizer: Cartridges with atomizers built into them. Can be found in disposable or refillable forms.

Cartridge: Plastic Tube like component surrounding a sponge-like material that holds e-liquid.

Cigalike: E-cigarette designed to look like a non-electric cigarette.

Clearomizer (Clearo):  Transparent casings with built in atomizers that utilize a wick to transfer     e-liquid to the atomizer

Cloudchaser: Vapers who like making large clouds of vapour.

Clouds: Exhaled vapour.

Coil: The component of the atomizer that heats up.

Condom: Sanitary cover for the mouthpiece of a vape.

DIY: "Do it yourself" typically used  to refer to homemade e-liquid.

Drip Tip: The vape's mouthpiece.

Dry Burn: Cleaning your atomizer by burning the coil for short intervals with no liquid.

Dry Hit: A puff from a vape when no e-liquid is being converted into vapour. Tastes burnt and can be painful for the throat.

E-cig: Short form for "Electronic cigarette"

e-liquid/juice: The liquid solution that the vape uses to make the vapour.

eGo: A vape battery style that provides 2 different threading types. Usually a vape pen.

Flavour Ghosting: Tasting the last flavour you used after switching e-liquid flavours.

Flooding: When too much juice goes to the atomizer resulting in leaking, gurgling noises and less vapour.

Ghosting: Using a vape in a way that produces very little vapour. Usually done by holding a hit until the vapour is no longer visible.

Lung hit/ Lung rip: Breathing in vapour directly to your lungs.

Mod: Used to describe an accessory or variation  of a base design for a vape. Also shorthand for box mod.

Mouth Hit/ Mouth Rip/Mouth to lung: Holding the vapour in your mouth before moving it to your lungs.

Nic: Nicotine

No-Nic: No Nicotine.

Ohm: Unit of measure for electrical resistance.

Passthrough: Battery allows use while charging.

PCC: Portable/Personal charging case. Used to charge vapes without an electrical outlet.

PG: Propylene Glycol a core ingredient in e-liquids.

PV: Personal Vaporizer another term for a vape or e-cigarette.

Regulated Mod: Modified e-cigarettes that still have safety and a regulating electronic chip.

Resistance: Ability of electricity to flow through the atomizer in a vape.

Stealth Vape: A vape designed to look inconspicuous.

Steeping: Allowing oxidation to increase flavour of e-liquid by leaving it.

Tank: E-liquid reservoir.

Threading: The radius and design of an attachment connector on a battery and the component being used to hold your e-liquid.

Throat Hit: The feeling in your throat and lungs when you take a hit.

Topping: Filling a tank with E-liquid.

Topper: Device that goes on top of a vape's battery. 

Unregulated/ Non-regulated mod: Mod that does not contain a electronic regulating chip.

Vaping/Vape: The act of using an vape or e-cigarette.

Vape: Shorthand for e-cigarette.

Vaper: Someone who uses a vape or e-cigarette.

Vaper's Tongue/ Vaper's Fatigue: Fatigue induced loss of ability to taste the flavour of your e-      liquid.

VG: "Vegetable Glycerin" Another core ingredient in e-liquid.

VV:  "Variable Voltage" Changeable voltage on a vape.

VW: "Variable Wattage" Changeable wattage on a vape.

Wick:  Absorbent material used to draw e-liquid into the atomizer.

Wire: Commonly used to refer to resistance wire used when building coils.

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