Vape shop email addresses: Your key to B2B e-juice sales

August 13, 2018 4 min read

Vape shop email addresses: Your key to B2B e-juice sales

Vape shop email addresses: Your key to B2B e-juice sales

Are you looking for a way to increase sales for your B2B e-juice business? Are you confused on which means to use in achieving this? This is one of the aspects for Vape businesses that are hard for almost everyone especially starting a business. There are so many options on the market that it becomes overwhelming.

However, there is no doubt that emails have been and continued to be the best marketing tool. Emails are generated with the customers’ specific needs in mind. This is the reason why most emails get opened and read actually.

When coming up with emails, ensure that you are following the rules. It is the same thing you do for white hat SEO anyway so it should be hard.

What makes all the difference in the campaign is your email addresses. The email list you have determines how much sales you make. Sales come from the emails you send, and there can never be sending emails where there is no address.

Your Vape shop email addresses might be everything you need to grow your business. This is why you need to make it with uttermost importance. Normally, people will advise you to have a long mailing list. But that will not be enough if the list is full of unnecessary contacts.

It is better to have a short quality list with active customers than a long one with customers who don’t even open your emails. It is therefore vital that you update your list from time to time and add new addresses. A very short list won’t benefit you either.

There could be someone somewhere wondering whether or not emails still work today? It is an understandable concern considering how popular social media is.

The truth is, emails still occupy the largest market share in the communication industry. There are more email users today than those for Facebook and Twitter combined.

To make things clearer, we have selected the most important aspects of emails. These are the characteristics that establish the importance of the email addresses you have now or are considering to acquire.

Emails are more personal

The best way to communicate with a person is to make them feel like you know them. And e-juice sales, in particular, depends on how acquainted you are with your customers.

When writing an email to any address, it is advisable that you use a more direct language. For example, emails today start with mentioning the name of the receiver. This makes the receiver to become comfortable, and interest is generated to want to go through the message.

In their mind, there are like “I like this guy, they know my name!” And that is the first step that will generate a sell for you. Once you have established a relationship with the initial contact, it becomes easy to follow up in the sales funnel.

The open-rate for email is higher today than ever

Any message sent is only viable and important if the recipient reads it. If you compare social media messages and emails, you will find emails more advantageous. The reason is, emails get higher click through and open rates than social posts.

Emails can stay in an inbox for a very long time, and the recipient can read it any time they feel like so. This is the opposite of a social media post which might be hard to find if one wants to go through it again.

As long as you have segmented your email list for more focused messaging, everything should flow easily. Segmentation enables you to prioritize your emails for better services.

Email can be integrated with social media to create the most fantastic marketing strategy

Social media is the widest internet platform in the world today. Almost everyone knows Facebook and Twitter and Instagram among others. Most of the young generation is glued to social media, and that is where the market for e-juice lies today.

On the other hand, emails offer the highest ROI. What happens therefore when the two are used together? You can use emails to encourage consumers to follow you on social media. This increases your popularity, consequently your ranking on search engines.

Social media can be used to increase your email addresses. The followers you have now have their followers which you can take advantage of.

Many customers still ask for email marketing

A recent survey has shown that most of the consumer community today still ask for emails. Many prefer to be sent promotional emails than random information on social media.

In the Vape industry, selling is all about giving your customers what they want. Therefore you Vape shop email address list is an asset that you must learn to leverage.

Many people are busy in their offices anyway and might not find enough time to answer a call or go through social media. But they always find time to go through emails. What you must put in mind when creating emails is that you have very few seconds to capture their attention. They have many other emails coming through, and they will quickly scroll through the most interesting one. Make the headline speak to them in a language they will understand quickly and react.

Emails are easier and cheaper

If you are just starting a Vape shop, the budget is always a factor to consider. It is not always easy to establish a shop and keep it on track without proper capital. Marketing takes most of the time and investment for these shops.

Emails are easier to create and offer a cheaper marketing solution. There is a lot of software today that make it even better.


Emails are without a doubt an ally for Vape shop marketing. Technology has provided better applications for emails making the more convenient and efficient. The email addresses you have therefore are an open gold mine for your B2B e-juice sales.

The secret lies in the quality of your list. When buying the email list, ensure you are getting it from a reliable source, and it contains focus leads.


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