Vape Shop Email Addresses for Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing

September 05, 2018 4 min read

Vape Shop Email Addresses for Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing

Vape Shop Email Addresses for Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing

By Elena Ognivtseva


If for any reason you thought that emails had done their work and their time is gone – you thought wrong. According to research, email marketing is the best marketing medium in the world today. Most marketers find emails to be the best means for anyone who wants to achieve the highest ROI.

The role that emails play in vape marketing, especially for vape B2B business today is incredible. It is about the only marketing tool after websites.

Search engines and the largest social media platforms have banned marketing for vape and vape related items. These could have been the greatest marketing opportunity for vape shops, but it just is not! This leaves emails to be the most effective means of communication.

The millennial may argue that social media is the best tool. Well, it is, but emails have managed to go through the test of time and come out triumphant. They hold a key position in marketing for vape B2B business.

Research has shown that many customers still expect you to send them promotional emails. Therefore, you have a task to come up with the most amazing emails if you want to make it.

Any vape B2B business will thrive today if they leverage on email marketing. This is a secret that has taken some many years to discover.

If you want to sell to vape shops directly today, you are going to have to use emails. But coming up with the best emails is a headache for many. As much as they would wish to attract and serve their customers well, they just cannot find the right way to create emails.

For this reason and others, we have come up with tips on how to best leverage on email addresses. Continue reading.

Create a quality mailing list for your Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

The best asset for a vape shop or an e-liquid brand is the email list they have. You may want to send the email, yes, but without the mailing list, there is absolutely nothing you can do. How will you start sending the emails if you don’t know who to send to?

There are quite some emails marketing tools on the market made specifically for vape stores. Taking advantage of such tools and technology should be your primary goal. Tools like the Global Vape Shop Database are one of the best places to get an email list. It has every important detail to make your work much easier.

You need to be extra careful though when creating your list. There is a thick line between just a mailing list and a quality mailing list. As much as you need a good email list to achieve great things, don’t just settle for any list. You see, some laws and regulations guide how people use private data. Be sure therefore to understand the source of your leads.

And don’t forget to update your list on a regular basis. Those emails addresses that have become dormant will only increase spam and bounce rate that can cripple your account. Get rid of them and get new ones.

Create the most amazing newsletters and messages for your Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Creating the message is where the real issues lie today. You need to create the most amazing message especially if you are making the first contact. Know how and when to introduce yourself. Instead of focusing on the selling part, establish a rapport by offering a solution to your customer. Consider the tips below for creating a good email.

Use a catchy headline

The headline says everything. As a vape business, the customer probably has tons of emails already coming in. They only have a few seconds to go through them, checking on the headlines alone. That is all the time you have to capture their attention.

Make the headline short too. Long headlines usually catch the least attention.

Make it personal

People always feel good when they are made to feel important. For this reason, make your messages as personal as possible. Instead of ‘hallo there,’ use ‘hallo *name of the customer*.’ This makes them feel like you know them personally, and they can connect with you easily.

Be as brief as possible

Long emails messages have nothing to do with how beneficial they are. If anything, long email addresses rarely get any attention. If you want to make it, then keeping is brief is the best idea

Use the right choice of words keeping a focus on what is most helpful for the customer. This is one of the reasons you need to do some research on your customers and know them before you start writing them messages. Go to their websites and look at the products they sell then use that to your advantage.

The key is to keep the message short. You have already started with a short headline and caught the attention of the reader, be very careful with every other line you use from here. It will determine whether or not the reader goes through to the end. Keep it simple with a focus on what is helpful to your customer.

Include a clear call to action

Assuming that customers will automatically know what to do is a wrong approach. In your emails, add links to your website and make sure you have prepared a clear call to action for them. They need to be told where to go from where they are.

Send vape emails regularly

Finding customers for your vape business is not easy – losing them is. To avoid such things from happening to you, ensure you have kept constant communication with them. Have in mind that they need to be kept engaged. This is the best way to retain your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Just make sure to avoid spammy messages. Have a clear schedule for when and how to send the emails.

Our Final Thoughts on Vape Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing

Now that you know where to start by sending emails to the right people should no longer be a problem. You can start right away by getting yourself vape shop email addresses and sell directly to vape shops. This is an asset you can invest in comfortable and be sure of the returns.


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