Vape Convention and Vaping Events Calendar 2017.

June 16, 2017 4 min read

Vape Convention and Vaping Events Calendar 2017.

Vape Convention and Vaping Events Calendar 2017.

Vaping has become a new phenomenon taking the world by storm. Many countries such as Canada, the US, China, and UK have embraced it and no longer treat it as a seasonal trend but a lifestyle that has attracted masses. Vaping has changed lives for those who have inaugurated it into their daily routine over traditional tobacco cigarette. The obvious question many ask is what is vaping? It is defined as the act of inhaling and exhaling water vapor or steam through a unique device that uses e-liquid. The act is similar to smoking a cigar but a bit different since it involves water vapor and smells a lot better with no side effects.

Vaping has been rocking the world for years, and the event is scheduled annually in various places where multitudes gather to steam up their lives. The curtains are rolling, and those who are passionate in steaming up are gathering to reflect their undying devotion across the globe. The act is certified and legalised by many countries, and it’s still stretching its roots on the four winds. The phenomenon is trending in social media involving icons and celebrities hashtag as they vape. The following is the schedule of the upcoming events for visitors and subscribers of vaping in 2017.

The Hall Of Vape.

Location: Neue Messe Exhibition Center Stuttgart Airport in Germany.

Date: 6-7th   May 2017.

The hall is typical for vape enthusiastic in Germany where a conference is held touching things aligned with vaping. The event is pampered with over 150 vendors, well-furnished conference style round tables and this is an event worth having in your program. If you are around Germany, missing this event will be missing a lifetime experience worth remembering.

E-Cigarette Summit USA.

Location: The Marriott Georgetown.

1221 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037, United States.

Date: 8, May 2017

E-cigarette summit is a convention that offers an opportunity for investors of e-cigarette community to raise their opinion and discuss the future of the e-cigarette and other issues about the same. The platform provides an opportunity for each voice to be heard from those who oppose the trend, advocates, and experts who are familiar to vaping.

Vape show Prague.

Location: VA Expo Prague (Beranovych 667,199 00Praha9), Hall A2.

Date: 13-14thMay 2017

Vapeshow Prague in the Czech Republic is the only vape exhibition in the country aimed at assembling key stakeholders in the vaping community to discuss issues related to the industry. Part of the event includes showcasing ongoing projects, propagate partnership between the primary stakeholders, demonstrate and illustrate new technology and fun activities like contests, prizes, and samples.

Vapidly International Vaping Exhibition.

Location: Veronafiere V.le del Lavoro8, 37135 Verona-Italy.

Date: 20-22th, May 2017

Vapearo-Athens Vaping Expo.

Location: the former West Airport Elliniko-Athens.

Posidonos Avenue –Elliniko area, Athens.

The objective of the conference is to spell out an array of information to all investors in the production and manufacturing of e-cigarettes. All attendees must be 18 years and above.

Vaper Expo UK.

Location: Marston Green Birmingham.

Date: 26-28th May 2017

This is a standard vaping event parceled with all amenities.  Legal education from experts, debates, e-cigarette distributors, a vaping lounge, DJs are just some of the people whole will grace the occasion.

Global Forum on Nicotine Varsovie (2017)

Location: Marriott Hotel, 79, Aleje Jerozokimskie 65, 00-697 Warzawa, Pologne.

Date: 15-17th June 2017

The event is hosted by Knowledge-Action-Change. Knowledge -Action-Change is an organization dedicated to development and promotion of evidence-based policies and interventions in the field of substance use and corresponding areas of public policy and health.

VCC Tampa

Location: Entertainment Hall, TAMPA, FL-Florida State Fairgrounds.

Date: 24-15th June 2017.

Much is in packed for visitors to the event and will have the chance to: try and buy new e-liquids and excellent devices at a lower price, have an opportunity to vape and meet celebrities such as GrimmGreen, Ruby Roo, Daily Vape TV, SuckMy Mod and so much is in store. For this event, visitors are encouraged to have a smoker to help them get off cigarettes.

Shanghai Vape Expo

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center.

2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China 201204

Date: 14-15, 2017.

If you are in China, this is the best opportunity to explore what the Chinese vaping world has in store for you. CECMOL (Chinese E-Cigarette Media Online) are solely responsible for organizing Vape Expo in China and have the privilege of hosting the same this year.

Central and South America vape convention

Location: Medellin, Colombia

Date: 31 August -2 September 2017.

This is a rare opportunity for Central and South American locals. A lot is prepared for vapers and newbies.  Similar to other vaping events, this is a chance to explore through vape activities and view upcoming gadgets and accessories in the industry.

Vape Expo India

Location: new Delhi

Date: 9-10th September 2017.

The event will churn together professionals in the global vape industry to unveil new products, share their journey to success in conducting their e-cigarette business and merge with other vape networks.

Beijing Vape Expo

Location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center.

Date: 21-23th October 2017.

Beijing houses its 5th annual Vape Expo and is estimated to host over 37000 people and 500 Brands of E-cigarette and E-liquid from 30 countries. Those in attendance include France, USA, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Russia.

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery.

Location: TBD, London, UK

Date: 14-15thNovember 2017

This is one of those classic events and will be full of social bonds and very informative. The objective of the event is to focus on the development and promotion of e-cigarette industry. The conference will be steamed with vaping advocates from all over the globe educating on the legal rights of vaping devotees.

Vape Expo Moscow Tradefair.

Location: Moscow, ECC Sololniki, pavilions 4; 4.1; 4.2; 7.a.

Date: 16-18th June 2017

Vape Expo Moscow in Russia is a global event for vapers that attracts national vape investors to market and showcase their utilities in the international arena. Exhibition visitors are acquitted with worldwide brands and exposed to the vaping culture of foreign countries.  A lot is in place for this event with promotion of new products, contest, prizes and a grand party for the upper crust of vape community.

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Vape Convention and Vaping Events Calendar 2017.
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