Ultimate List of Best Mech Mods 2017

August 17, 2017 4 min read

Ultimate List of Best Mech Mods 2017

Best Mech Mods You Should Try in 2017 

By Nataly Komova

Are you shopping for a new mech mod? When buying a mechanical vape mod, there are many considerations to take into account such as your budget, quality and ease of use of the vape mod, popularity to mention but a few. We have put a list of all the top mech mods that you can use as a starting point when researching what mod to buy. You can use the name of each mod to run search engine searches, search for YouTube vape reviews and even ask your local vape shop owner. We have based the list on our personal experience as well as many vape reviews. 

  1. Mini Copper Nemesis Style High End Clone By Tobeco
  3. Smoktech Smooth 18650 Magnetic Mechanical Mod
  4. King Style High End Clone
  5. Tobeco Colorful Beast ABS Box Mod (Clone)
  6. Copper Vanilla Mod Style High End Clone
  7. Ehpro SMPL Copper 18650 Mod (Clone)
  8. HCigar Copper Stingray
  9. Hcigar Akuma Copper Clone
  10. Brass Hades 26650 High End Clone
  11. Smoktech Kronos Mechanical Mod w/Omnidapter
  12. Smoktech Magnetic Sidewinder 18650 Mechanical Mod
  13. HCigar Cartel Stainless Steel 18650/18350 Mod
  14. Chiyou Black High End Clone
  15. IJOY INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery - 40A
  16. Smoktech Turbo 18650 Magnetic Mechanical Mod
  17. Smoktech Magnetic Bolt 18650 Mechanical Mod
  18. Decepticons Clone 26650 Mechanical Mod
  19. Hcigar Nemesis White 18650/18500/18350 Mod (Clone)
  20. WISMEC OLED Screen VW MOD Control Head
  21. Vamo V3 MOD W/O BATTERY
  22. Ehpro Caravela 18650 Mod - High End Clone
  23. Tobeco Knight 18650 Copper & Carbon Fiber Mod
  24. Golden Nemesis Style High End Clone
  25. Smoktech Kick Clone
  26. Advken Mad Hatter 24 RDTA
  27. Sigelei Designer Mechanical Mod's - Bagua, Chiyou or Silver Dragon Clones
  28. Smoktech Magneto Mechanical Mod
  29. Golden Stingray Style High End Clone
  30. Smoktech e-pipe Extension Ring
  31. Private V2 Style High End Clone
  32. Tobeco Stingray X Mod 18650
  33. Hcigar FM 18650 Copper Mod
  34. Tobeco Sir Lancelot 18650/18500/18350 Mod
  35. Sigelei Monster 26650 Mod
  36. Hcigar SMPL Stainless Steel or Black 18650 Mod
  37. HCigar CF SS Stingray 18650 Mod
  38. Tesla Gaia Mod
  39. 4NINE Mod Clone
  40. Desire Mad Dog RDTA MECH Kit W/O Battery
  41. Tobeco V3 Flip Mod - High End Clone
  42. 18650 Transparent PVC Tube for 26650 Mod
  43. LE PETIT GROS STYLED MOD BY EHPRO 18350 Stainless Only
  44. Stingray 3 Tube Copper Set Style High End Clone
  45. Nemesis Black Style High End Clone
  46. The Kick by EVOLV
  47. Tobeco Onyx 18650 Copper Mod
  48. Valkyrie Style Mod Hybrid Kit High End Clone
  49. Ehpro Origin Brass18650 Mod - High End Clone
  50. Ehpro Valkyrie Hybrid Clone Mod W/Rebuildable Atomizer
  51. Stainless Steel Hades 26650 High End Clone
  52. Origin Style High End Clone
  53. Chiyou High End Clone
  54. Smoktech e-pipe
  55. Sdog Hybrid Style High End Clone
  56. Raijin Stainless Steel 18650 Mod - High End Clone
  57. Smoktech Magnetic Sidewinder 18350 Mechanical Mod
  58. Golden Brass Stingray 26650 High End Clone
  59. Ehpro Nemesis Mod Stainless or Black - High End Clone
  60. FM 18650 Copper Mod High End Clone
  61. KTS+ Gold & Chrome
  62. 18650 Delrin Tube for 26650 Mod
  64. King V3 Mechanical Mod (Brushed Silver) Clone
  65. Advken Mad Hatter 24 MECH Kit W/O Battery
  66. KTS GGTS - Chrome or Gold & Chrome
  67. Hornet Style High End Clone
  68. Ehpro Maraxus Telescopic Mod Black - High End Clone
  69. UD V10 Mechanical Mod
  70. Astro Golden Style High End Clone
  71. Kamry Mechanical MOD K101 W/Vape Safety Fuse
  72. Black Hades 26650 High End Clone
  73. Ehpro Manhattan Brass Clone Mod
  74. Yiloong Stingray 26650 MOD
  75. Maraxus Mod
  76. 210W Arctic Dolphin ADT-210TC Express Kit W/O Battery
  77. Sigelei Mechanical Mod's + Nzonic Clone Head
  78. Ehpro Buffalo 18650 Mod - High End Clone
  79. Ehpro S-Key SS 18650/18500/18350 Mod
  80. Ehpro Fuhattan Copper 26650 Mod (Clone)
  81. Nemesis Stainless W/Gold Accents Style High End Clone
  82. SMOK Magneto II 18650/18500/18350 Mod
  83. Tobeco SMPL 18650 Mod (Clone)
  84. King Style High End Black Clone
  85. The Givo Mechanical Mod Clone
  86. Nemesis Style High End Clone
  87. Vapeonly vMecha 18350/18500/18650 Air Inflow Adjustable Mechanical MOD
  88. Chiyou High End Clone Gold
  89. K eCig Mechanical MOD S1000 - Special Edition - Striped
  90. Hcigar Prime 18650/18500/18350 Copper Mod
  91. Vision Slip 18350 Mod
  92. Hammer Mod Clone Kit
  93. Ehpro Changeling 18650 Mod
  94. The Battlefield Mod by Comp Lyfe
  95. RUBY2 25 - 2 Post By Kennedy Enterprises
  97. Gyre Alum Mod By Avid Lyfe L.E - HULK / MIDNIGHT
  98. Custom Anodized Titanium Comp Lyfe Mods
  99. V3 Rig Mod By VAMP
  100. Revolver Reloaded 2 Mech Mod by Atom Vapes
  101. M1P5 L.E Competition Mod By Avid Lyfe
  102. Bane Competition Mod By HStone
  103. The Roundhouse By Kennedy Enterprises
  104. Gyre Mod Limted Edition Set
  105. Timekeeper Revolver SS L.E By Avid Lyfe
  106. Manhattan V2 By Continuous Current
  107. The Spectrum Mod by Comp Lyfe
  108. Able Mod SS Edition - Cotton Candy Set.
  110. Able Competition Mod SS Edition (Diamond Knurl Top/Key) By Avid Lyfe
  111. Mage Mech Tricker Kit by CoilART - Black
  112. Able XL Competition Mod By Avid Lyfe
  113. Able Competition Mod By Avid Lyfe
  114. Pyra Mechanical Mod By RNV Designs
  115. Mage Mech Tricker Kit by CoilART - Multicolor Resin
  116. VADER Stackable Tube By HSTONE Mods
  117. Thunder v2 DeltaVape Mods
  118. Sebone Mod 25mm by RNV Designs
  119. VGOD Elite Mech Mod
  120. Able XL Limited Viking Edition By Avid Lyfe
  121. VGOD Pro Mech Mod
  122. Rig Pig Series Box Colored Combo - VAMP
  123. CONSVR Mech Mod - by League of Scoundrels
  124. El Gigante By Wu Tang House Of Mods
  125. VADER Competition Mod By HStone Mods
  126. asMODus Rose Finch Competition Mechanical Mod
  127. V3 Rig Mod By VAMP Limted Edition
  128. Monroy Mod By Cloud Pistols
  129. The 25mm HK Mod Classic By Comp Lyfe
  130. The 25mm HK Mod Diamond Knurl By Comp Lyfe
  131. Black Anodized Activist Mod By Avid Lyfe
  132. MAGE BOX Tricker Kit by CoilART
  133. The Stealth Mod by Comp Lyfe
  134. Gyre Competition Mod By Avid Lyfe
  135. Timekeeper Alum Mod By Avid Lyfe L.E - HULK / MIDNIGHT
  136. The Roundhouse V2 24mm By Kennedy Enterprises
  138. Swiss Mod By Comp Lyfe


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