UK Vape Shop Database - E-Mails & Contact Details of UK Vape Shops

September 05, 2018 5 min read 3 Comments

UK Vape Shop Database - E-Mails & Contact Details of UK Vape Shops

UK Vape Shop Database - E-Mails & Contact Details of UK Vape Shops


Do you have a vape shop, an e-liquid brand, vape wholesale or an e-liquid distribution company and you are wondering how you will increase your sales? Are you looking for better ways to improve the exposure of your shop? Are you in need of a service that will make sure you achieve your marketing goals?

If your answer to the questions above is yes then what you need it the UK vape shop database.

Vape shop marketing is not an easy task today. There are more and more rules in states, even after marijuana was legalized, that makes hard for vape marketers.

For example, some states have listed vape and vape related products with tobacco. This means that vape business doesn’t have the freedom to market their products as they would wish anymore.

Other marketing channels, like websites that could have created the best backlinks, have a negative perception about vaping. Not all, but a majority that could make marketing easy for vape businesses. Search engines have completely banned ads that promote the use of vape.

And to make matters even worse, major social media platforms like Facebook have banned vape marketing. This is one of the best marketing channels for any business across the world. But since they look at vaping as something that should not be encouraged, any promotional item will land one in trouble.

This leaves vape shops in the UK very few marketing options. But even the few that are left are only best for the local people.

Grow your B2B Vape Business with the UK vape shop database

What if you want to reach a larger market? What if you want to expand your roots and create better exposure for your shop?

Leveraging on the few left options is the best idea to achieve the goals you have set. All you need is to create a strategy that brings the market to you instead of you taking the products to you.

The UK vape shop database comes in as the most significant asset for vape shops, e-liquid wholesalers, vape juice brands and e-juice manufacturers. You don’t only get access to a wide market with the database, but you are also exposed to the whole UK vape market.

The vape shop database comes equipped with all the necessary information needed to hit the market. For marketing to be a success, one must have the contact information of the businesses and or customers they are dealing with.

The vape shop database contains the list of all vape shops (or at least a great number of them) and their contact information. You have their names, their emails addresses, their website, their phone number and everything else you could want to have.

This information will help you get access to every shop in an easy manner. For B2B business, this is the best way to stay in touch with your customer and create relationships.

How can you use the UK vape shop database?

There are some ways through which the database can be used. The best way to go about it is to establish how far you want to stretch. Then use it to achieve the following.

Vape Email marketing

Most millennials view emails as of 2010. By this, they perceive it as an old medium for business communication.

But who can blame them? With all the cooler technologies coming up every day, it is easy to assume that you need a better method for communication.

But for a vape B2B business, nothing works better than emails. You can simply send emails and newsletters to your clients letting them be aware of the many products and services you are offering.

Even though social media is very famous today, the number of current subscribers today has not yet come close to those for emails. This simply means emails still rule the world of communication.

Most marketers today find email marketing a better means to achieve the highest ROI that social media. It is all about setting the right tools in place.

The challenge is creating the mailing list. To get a long list of subscribers is not an easy task but one that is very necessary.

The UK vape shop database takes the burden of creating the mailing list from you. It makes it easy for you just to join the market and start your marketing campaign.

Make phone calls to UK Vape Shops at your convenience

Sometimes the clients expect you to call them. This is not possible unless you have their contacts with you.

Even though calling is not the best way to connect with your customers, it still works well when you want to set up a meeting. Many business owners have very busy schedules and many other phone calls coming in. This means you have to be very sure of the information you want to pass along and go straight to the point.

The UK vape shop database comes with the phone numbers to make the exercise a possibility for you.

Send out e-liquid samples to Vape Shops

The best way to show other businesses what you are bringing on the table is to send them samples of your product. This is the same as sending them your brand, so they know where to look if they want service such as the ones you are offering.

Samples enable your customers to consider stocking your products. It is not enough to just send the emails and newsletters with product descriptions. Sample show your seriousness.

Using the address you get from the UK vape shop database, all this is a possibility. It is made easier than you could ever imagine.

Online research: Research Vape Shops in the UK

The UK vape shop database comes with full details for vape shop website and social media links. These URLs are the perfect source for all information you might need regarding the shop before you engage them. This is a great way to learn about your customers and their business.

Final Thoughts on the UK Vape Shop Database

There is no doubt that The Eliquid Boutique’s UK vape shop database is a game changer. Powered by Shopify, the contact database is updated regularly to ensure the details are in order.

To market your vape shop effectively today, you will have to invest effectively. This is one major opportunity you cannot afford to miss on. You put in your efforts comfortably knowing you are dealing with professionals in the vaping business.

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Lemuel Garber
Lemuel Garber

October 27, 2018

Meet the Brand New and Revamped Global Vape Shop Database

This month, the Global Vape Shop Database has seen multiple updates and as a result, it is looking much leaner, complete and powerful. Many new vape shops have been added and old ones have been removed. To see what has changed, you can view the entire update log at

We will be Increasing the Price

As you will see from the update log, the Global Vape Shop Database is undergoing almost weekly updates which is costing a lot of manhours. We are considering of increasing the price of the Global Vape Shop Database in 5 days. Why you may ask? Our Global Vape Shop Database is the most complete, comprehensive and above all, up-to-date list of vape shop contact details that you will not find anywhere else.

Good News! We are Freezing the Prices for the Next 5 days!

We invite you to acquire the database at its current price during the next five days. This will entitle you to receive free lifetime updates directly to your inbox.

Sell Directly to Vape Shops

Our database has been trusted by the leading vape wholesalers and e-liquid brands and is the reason for their growth. To put it simply, our database connects you with vape shops.

Get your database at

Earnest Tice
Earnest Tice

October 27, 2018


Guest posts are the cornerstone of SEO so far as the backlinks go. It is a very simple process whereby we will contact all the vape sites with a proposal to publish one of your guest posts on their website with a backlinks leading back to your website. This is the most “white hat” and completely safe way of acquiring backlinks from niche related websites.


We will contact over 30,000 vape sites with your message via newsletter and manual contact form submissions. It is going to be your responsibility to provide an article to each site. We recommend that you only contribute unique (non-plagiarised articles) to ensure the best results as major search engines do not take favourably with duplicate content. We will add your reply e-mail address to each communication and it will be your responsibility to liaise with the individual websites. Alternatively, we can also send your custom promotional email to all vape websites. Please note, we cannot possibly guarantee the success rate. We can, however, guarantee that your message will reach all vape sites.

Buy and learn more at

Tiffani Simonds
Tiffani Simonds

October 27, 2018

The Latest E-Mail List of All Vape Companies is Out

We have updated the B2B e-mail list of all vape companies and there are now roughly 40,000 e-mail addresses of vape shops, vape wholesalers, e-liquid brands and distributors, online vape shops, CBD stores and many more.

Our e-mail list captures all the vape companies from around the world and is particularly useful for all vape companies that sell B2B. This e-mail list works exceptionally well with e-mail campaigns and newsletters. You can now reach all the vape companies from all over the world in a click of a button. Over 200 companies have already trusted us which is a testament to our continuing success, reliability and ongoing hardwork that is focused on achieving stellar results.

Connecting the Dots

To put it simply, our vape e-mail list is meant to save you hundreds of manhours from having to find the data yourself. Our team comprises people who speak over 15 languages collectively which is our advantage in delivering vape company e-mails spanning different countries. We also have members of our team on the ground of every large vape exhibition to gather contact details and form relationships with vape companies. If you are selling e-liquids, products or services aimed at vape companies, then our e-mail list will connect the dots between you and your target client group.

Limited Time Deal

We would like to personally give you an opportunity to acquire our e-mail list of vape companies at the current price before we raise the price in 4 day’s time. With your purchase you will get free lifetime updates delivered directly to your inbox. We can confidently say that you will not find a similar e-mail list anywhere else simply because nobody bothers to update their data.

You can buy and read more about our vape company e-mail list here:

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