Top 20 E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China

May 13, 2017 4 min read

Top 20 E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China

Top 20 E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China.

By Nataly Komova

There are a variety of E-Cigarette manufacturers to choose from in the Chinese market. The following is a list of the Top 20 E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China in order to assist you in narrowing down your options.

1. Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, subox mini kit, mod, electronic cigar, Aerotank vaporizer, Protank atomizer, Evod, e-pipe, mini e-cigarette, super slim e-cigarette and disposable atomizer e-cigarette. They employ over 2500 people and the company prides itself on adhering to strict health requirements so they can guarantee the highest quality product. Their primary focus is on selling electronic cigarettes, mini cigarettes, Protank clearomizers, super slim cigarettes, disposable atomizers, Evid and Esmart vaporizer batteries.

2. Shenzhen Elego Technology Co., Ltd. is the biggest franchised agent for vapourizers in China. At present, the company represents brands including Joye, Innokin, Vision, Smok, Dekang, Hangsen amongst others. They assure consumers that they provide the highest quality products. The company philosophy is to “provide the best products to customers”.

3. Shenzhen Kingtons Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and continues to be a leading e-cigarette manufacturer. The company exports to USA, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia and Australia.

4. ShenZhen Ocity Times Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that also specializes in trade and design. They are located in Hong Kong, which is a hub of financial activity in Asia. They come highly recommended by their customers from all over the world. They value continual improvement, honest and providing high standards of customer service.

5. Hangsen is an E-liquid and E-Cigarette is a manufacturer dedicated providing resonabilty priced quality e-cigarettes. They maintain high safety standards and their unique packaging is one of a kind. They take the health of consumers seriously and strive to provide products that adhere to health codes.

6. U-GREEN manufactures high quality e-liquid and vapourisers. They state that they are dedicated to providing health e-liquids and that they take research and development seriously. They have a full staff of highly trained professionals who complete research and development for their manufacturing processes.

7. Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an organization that prides itself on expertise in the area of research and development, sales and service. They maintain good customer reviews and they sell durable, long-lasting e-cigarettes.

8. Yumpor E- Liquid is a company that produced e-liquids and e-cigarettes. They state that they have the highest standards of production in the business and unparalleled offerings in terms of product.

9. Shenzhen JOMO Technology Co., Ltd. claims to be China’s primary constructer of healthy electronic cigarette products. They are constantly innovating and improving based on customer demand and their products are sold internationally. They consider themselves activists in promoting the benefits of e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking.

10. Shenzhen Seego Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in creating high quality e-cigarettes. Their head office is located in Shenzhen, China and they employ a highly professional and experienced manufacturing team which allows them to distribute internationally.

11. Huizhou Hangboo Biotech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality e-cigarettes and e- liquids in their location in East River in Huizhou, Hangboo They provide a wide range of products and their focus is on customer satisfaction and safety.

12. Shenzhen HJM Technology Co., Ltd. assimilates manufacturing with customer service and testing/R & D. They manufacture a diverse range of electronic products including e-cigarettes. They state that they believe that their technical strength has led to their success in the competitive market. They are another company that ships internationally.

13. MiaoXin Pack Printing Co., Ltd founded in 1997, is a company that offers printing to e-cigarette developers for packaging. They have strong ties with the e-cigarette community, as they are aware of necessary labelling and product information that must be placed on each manufactured product.

14. A&D INDUSTRIES Co., Limited develop a variety of products including e-cigarettes. They have a keen eye and they keep aware of market and fashion trends in order to meet consumer needs. They take pride in providing beautiful products that are quality at an affordable price.

15. Shenzhen Leapsoul Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been in existence since 2013 and they specialize in the development of electronic tobacco and other products. They use natural extracts and highly refined oils. Their company values customer service above all else.

16. Vaporever Biotech is a factory that produces e-liquids as well as other e-cigarette related items. They have a large and leading edge facility that maintains safety and cleanliness in order to offer the best possible customer service. Having over 10 Million Clients in over 50 Countries

17. Shenzhen Masion Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and other devices. They provide quality products they are committed to developing a strong customer base through superior customer service. The factory is located in Shenzhen, China.

18. Cangzhou Fancy Art Glass handicrafts Co., Ltd is a higher end manufacturer in that specializes in borosilicate glass products including e-cigarettes. This company creates beautiful water pipes and other types of glass accessories. They are consistently innovating and re-inventing in order to meet the demands of the market.

19. Shenzhen Enjoylife Technology Co., Ltd. is a premium e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturer in China. They value quality above all else, as they want to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

20. ShenZhen Piofond Technology was founded in 2009 to provide high quality e-cigarettes to the public. They have partners all over the world who are drawn in by their competence in producing premium products. Due to the ever expanding market this company is focused on researching market trends and keeping up to date on industry standards. They consistently adhere to a policy of quality product at an affordable price.

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