Top 12 Ideas For Vape Shop Marketing Success

August 13, 2018 4 min read

Top 12 Ideas For Vape Shop Marketing Success

Top 12 Ideas For Vape Shop Marketing Success

By Nataly Komova

It is not a disputable fact that your vape shop needs marketing. For you to get the most out of it, you will just have to invest in marketing.

Marketing for a vape business is not an easy task though. One needs to put in a lot of effort and come up with a strategy that works. Social media has been the best marketing tool until Facebook banned vape related adverts. Despite this, social media continues to be a great tool

The following 12 ideas have been identified as the best tips for vape shop marketing.

Use proper online business directories for your vape shop listings

Top 12 Ideas For Vape Shop Marketing Success

Business directories are the best way to get your business known. Many consumers still search for local businesses using business directories.

Using directories like Yelp and Google My Business place your vape shop on the map. It is easier for people that want a vape shop in your locality to find you.

However, the directories you use may also contribute to your success. You need first to identify a directory that offers only what is best for your niche.

You should also list your vape shop on vape directories such as Vapetelligent and

Have goals for your vape shop

Before you even start a vape shop, you have to establish goals which are your guide to success. For this reason, including goals in your marketing campaign is mandatory.

It is essential to know where you are, where you have come from and where you want to be. Your long term and short term goals should be clear and achievable.

Research on your competition: Study other vape shops and their USPs

Research on your competition: Study other vape shops and their USPs

Chances are, your competition is already researching on you. Take that chance and find out what they are doing different that makes them stay where they are.

There could be some ideas they have tried and failed which you can improve on. It is not a must that you do exactly what they did, but you can just modify what works best for you.

Build trust with your customers

Top 12 Ideas For Vape Shop Marketing Success

Your customers are the most important aspect of your vape business. They are the reason you will go through all the marketing trouble and make all the investments you want.

For this reason, building trust with them should be a priority. To do this, you should not focus only on selling to them; rather, make it your goal to give them information that is free and helpful. Apart from them, ensure you give them the best services. A satisfied customer will pass on the news to others.

Carry out proper Vape SEO

Search Engine Optimization is mandatory for any business with the website today. The whole idea is to ensure you rank on the first pages of the search engine. Most internet users will only look at the first few websites on the SERPs, and that is it.

Ensure you use for example keywords that are relevant to your niche. Then build links to your website on other websites.

Optimize your vape shop for local searches

Optimize your vape shop for local searches

As you write content for your vape shop online, remember to include content with a local focus. You can, for example, use keywords like “best vape in ‘city name.’“ This makes it easy for consumers in your local area to find you.

Apart from this, you can use local signals and include a clear call-to-action in your posts.

Use social media with Vape SEO

Use social media with Vape SEO

Social media has become a very important tool for vape marketers. There are high chances of vape customers who visit your site and shop to have come from social media. For this reason, it is important that you use social signals to boost your ranking.

Social signal is being used by search engines to rank websites. Though there have been changes in the Google algorithm here and there, social media continues to play a major part.

Leverage email marketing

Leverage email marketing

With the trend in the use of social media and other communication technologies, it might be easy to easy that email marketing does not matter. However, if you are running a B2B vape business, emails are the best gateways to achieving the highest ROI.

Emails still work because they are more personal and get the message delivered quicker. Research has shown that many consumers would love to receive promotional emails from time to time.

For this reason, it will be to your advantage if you got the best email marketing tool. Furthermore, emails can be integrated with social media.

Build quality vape backlinks

Links are the best way to drive traffic to your website. However, building vape backlinks is not an easy task as it may sound. There is a thick line between quality and quantity when it comes to link building.

Whereas you need a lot of links to get more traffic, only the quality links will bring results to the table. Even so, links that are not relevant will only end up hurting your website.

Use white hat link building techniques just to stay in the safe. And if you must buy them, ensure they are from a trusted source.

Use services that manage your reputation

Your reputation is the most important aspect of the vape shop you are running. For this reason, it might be a great idea to use reputation management services. Things like negative feedback and spam posts can cripple your marketing efforts.

Create a Google my business account for your vape shop

Since you already have a vape shop, you want people to find you with ease. To ensure this happens, you need to create a Google-My-Business account. This lets you appear in the directory for local business, and your customers can find you much easier. 

Encourage reviews from real customers

Encourage reviews from real customers

As much as you may use attractive advertising content, nothing sells more than a recommendation from another customer. People trust more what they hear from other customers. You need to take customer reviews very seriously and as hard as it may be, ask for them.

You vape shop needs marketing, and that is not something to argue about. However, the success of your campaign depends on the strategy you use. Hopefully, the tips above will make help you out.

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