Top 10 most used and Best E-Cigarette Merchant Account Providers - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

May 19, 2017 4 min read

Top 10 most used and Best E-Cigarette Merchant Account Providers - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Top 10 most used and Best E-Cigarette Merchant Account Providers - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

By Ekaterina Mironova

E-cigarette businesses have a major presence in the online community with most of them operating some kind of online realm to their business. This means that they rely on online payment gateways to acquire funds from their customers. Due to the stigma that often surrounds e-cigarettes there are some gateways that refuse to manage payments for e-cigarette businesses. Many major credit card companies have stopped working with vape businesses because they consider the legalities too risky. Usually there are larger companies that will work with e-cigarette providers but they often charge higher than normal rates and there is less room for merchant negotiation. Below is a list of the top payment gateways that are vape friendly. Most of the companies are credit card processors that specialize in high-risk accounts or make use of offshore banks to permit vendors to process credit cards for e-cigarettes. Peruse through the list and identify potential partners for your business.

#1 - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways is based in LA, California and they offer high risk e-commerce for e-cigarette companies. The offer ACH processing, an online payment gateway, merchant cash advance, and a chargeback management system to help vendors dispute and resolve chargeback claims. places an emphasis on providing credit card processing specifically for vape shops. The company works with individual vape shops to develop a plan and pricing that is right for them.

#2 Payment Cloud - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Payment Cloud is another California based company that focuses on providing support for high-risk businesses. They offer many products such as: point-of-sale solutions, mobile phone swipers, an online payment gateway and virtual terminal, EMV-compatible terminals, and merchant cash advances. This company is a great option for brick and mortar businesses as well as online businesses.

#3 Host Merchant Services - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Based in Newark, Delaware Host Merchant Services is an online company that processes payments for vape shops, glass shops, and online sellers of smoking accessories. The company is unable to facilitate online sales of tobacco. The services offered by Host Merchant Services are the following: point-of-sale solutions, online marketing tools, an online payment gateway and virtual terminal, mobile credit card processing, gift and loyalty programs, merchant cash advance, and offshore merchant accounts. This company is specific to online businesses and if parties are interested when they sign up with the company they are offered a free website and email address. In online forums this company gets only rave reviews with customers saying that their customer service goes above and beyond. This company is one to consider.

#4 Payline Data - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Payline Data is a relatively new business based in Chicago, Illinois. They offer e-cig credit card processing as part of its high-risk merchant account program as well as face-to-face, mobile, and online payment processing solutions for vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The company customizes pricing based on the merchant’s size and scalability so they are a good option for smaller companies who cannot afford to pay a lot in fees. They have had one complaint filed against them in the past 3 years with the BBB but other than that they received an A on their rating.

#5 Durango Merchant Services - E-Cigarette Merchant Account Providers

Durango Merchant Services is based in Colorado and founded in 1999. They offer credit card processing and offshore payment processing, e-commerce solutions, debit and credit card processing, payment gateways, and eCheck processing services to high-risk vendors like e-cigarette merchants. Across the board this company receives wonderful reviews.

#6 Easy Pay Direct - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Easy Pay Direct is based on Austin, Texas and like the other companies on this list they specialize in working with high-risk vendors. The company offers the following services specifically for vape vendors: launch event processing, multiple processing relationships, tokenized payments, anti-fraud IP filtering, and 38 offshore banking relationships to choose from. They also provide an online payment gateway that has a feature called “load balancing,” which can assist companies in avoiding payment holdups. 

#7 Vantage Payments - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Based in Scotsdale Arizona, Vantage Payments is highly a rated provider that specializes in providing support to moderate and high-risk businesses. The company offers a variety of products including credit card processing, ACH payments, check acceptance, direct debit, offshore merchant accounts, prepaid debit cards, payment gateways, web marketing tools, and support for multiple currencies. Vantage has experience working with e-cig companies and they have had high success in doing this kind of work. This company has a high ranking with the BBB and there are no complaints to report.

#8 Electronic Transfer Inc.- Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Electronic Transfer Inc. is a company based in Washington. They offer the capability for e-cig companies to process payments online, by phone or in the store. They offer a product called Fast Charge to e-cig vendors. This business gets good reviews across the board.

#9 Instabill - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

Instabill is a company that is based in New Hampshire and they specialize in credit card processing with high-risk accounts. They offer a wide variety of products which are: offshore e-cigarette merchant accounts, debit and credit card processing, a payment gateway, payment processing in over 160 currencies, and a dedicated account supervisor for each merchant account. They have excellent reviews with the BBB.

Summary on Top 10 most used and Best E-Cigarette Merchant Account Providers - Vape Friendly Payment Gateways

As an e-cigarette merchant it can often be difficult to find a reputable company to provide the support you need in navigating the payments you receive from customers. Due to the high risk nature of the business large companies are hesitant to work with businesses that are selling e-cigarettes and nicotine. It is our hope that this list will assist you in finding a good company to partner with in order to make your business a success and continues to promote the benefits of vaping in the online world.

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