The Top 7 Best E-Liquids of 2020

May 17, 2018 4 min read

The Top 7 Best E-Liquids of 2017

The Top 8 Best E-Liquids of 2018

By Nataly Komova

E-liquids are created and distributed every day and while this is exciting, it makes it tough to find the perfect e-liquid. From desert and fruit flavours all the way through to tobacco and chocolate blends, I’ve tried to review as much as I can without setting off too many fire alarms.

With 2020 well underway, I’ve had a look through some of my personal favourite e-liquids from 2020 and picked my top 7. Have a look below at the chosen flavours and see if you agree! Thanks to for providing these awesome eliquids for my review.

8. NKD 100 SALT

Really Berry by NKD 100 is for all those out there who love those tart fruity flavors. This berry blend takes ripe blackberries, tart blueberries, and tangy lemons to create one of the best flavors on the current market. This flavor is identical to that original 60ml from Naked 100 E-juice, but has now been "put on salt" for all those with pod devices. These salt nicotine juices are not meant for Sub-Ohm devices and should only be used with refillable pods.

NKD 100 arrives in a 30ml bottle and have 2 variants of nicotine which include 35mg or 50mg. This higher nicotine lets you take less puffs each day but still being able to satisfy those cravings. NKD 100 SALT offers 9 different flavors each one is from the best sellers of the original Naked 100 E-juice collection.

On the inhale your taste buds will begin to take you as that tart blackberry flavor floods over you tongue smothering it with its intoxicating taste. Bouncing along from taste bud to taste buds is that ripe blueberry vape juice flavor. On the exhale a slightly sour lemon will fuse with those juicy blueberries to provide a balanced release. This refreshing exhale is perfect for a warm summers day.


7. Space Jam – Starship 1

    A mix of kiwi and vanilla custard make the Starship 1 e-liquid one of the most intriguing flavours on our list. Mixing a fruit with a desert flavour is a brave move, especially with kiwi! It’s a fresh and creamy hit and tastes similar to a fresh kiwi dripped in custard. It sounds odd but somehow, it works.

    Space Jam – Starship 1

    1. Dr Frost – Strawberry Ice

    This e-liquid is a crisp and utterly refreshing blend or strawberry and a drop of menthol, perfect for warmer days where you fancy something a little more refreshing. It’s described as a ‘strawberry ice lolly’ and it succeeds in achieving that description.

    It’s also quite a chest-hitter, so if you’re looking for something with a bit of bite, this is definitely a winner.

    Dr Frost – Strawberry Ice

    1. Vampire – Pinkman

    Vampire vape have been around since 2012 and now manages over 20 different ranges.

    This addition is one we’re particularly proud of, as it combines a strange mix of fruits, most notably pink grapefruit. It’s a flavour that will have you questioning just how exactly the team at Vampire Vape have come up with it!

    It’s ambiguity and cool reference to Jesse Pinkman means it comes in at number 5.

    Vampire – Pinkman

    1. Candy King – Sour Worms

    If you’re looking for a hit of sour gummy worms, then this is probably your best bet! Candy King are known for releasing flavours that replicate popular confectionary ranges and this is definitely one of their best. The sourness isn’t so strong that it will derive from your enjoyment, but it’s tangy enough for you to keep wanting more. It’s a perfect, sickly blend and definitely one for sweet tooth!

    Candy King – Sour Worms

    1. Suicide Bunny - Mother’s Milk

    Arguably an icon of the e-liquid range, Mother’s Milk has cemented itself as an all-time favourite and that’s why it’s taking the number 3 space. It’s not too sweet and it doesn’t get sickly like some desert-based flavours. It’s a thick flavour and does a good job of merging custard and strawberry very well.

    Suicide Bunny - Mother’s Milk

    1. Ruthless – Swamp Thang

    As the name suggests, this is an e-liquid that’s going to divide some people. It’s an 85% VG that offers an apple-esq approach to the taste. However, unlike other apple-flavoured e-liquids, this is an apple flavour that resembles more of a hard candy taste, giving it a bit of a sour kick. It’s a flavour that isn’t too dissimilar to the Sour Worms from Candy King, therefore another favourite for those looking for a tangy sensation.

    Ruthless – Swamp Thang

    1. Cream Puff – Banana

    Banana is becoming one of the more popular flavours in the vape community, and if you’re looking for a flavour that resembles banana, look no further. It’s simple and it’s elegant, Cream Puff are fantastic at creating flavours that just hit the spot. It’s not a complicated mix and that’s why people love it. It’s just so accessible and universal, it’s tough to find people who actively dislike Cream Puff’s e-liquids. That’s why it’s made the number 1 spot!

    So, what are your thoughts? Were there any in my list that you’ve tried or agree with? Maybe there are some that you felt should have made the list? Either way, let me know in the comments below!

    Cream Puff – Banana

    Whilst we have not had the time to review halo e liquid, we certainly recommend it and will hopefully, cover it in the next round of e-liquid reviews.

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